Body Positive – Not so sinful treats!

My love (and weakness, how annoying :P) for curries is legendary 😛  Dad is always shaking his head whenever I devour my favourite food.  But did you know that eating curries in moderation is actually good for us?  Yes!  Spices used in the heavenly dish provide several health benefits.  Just Google!  Moreover, wholesome meat, fish, potatoes and veggies are used in different curries; none of the yucky over-processed junk!


I use curry and assam powder during cooking to add flavour to our favourite dishes.  They also add an interesting twist to online recipes for quick and tasty meals.  Curries taste good on their own and especially with rice.  Veggies also taste even better with some added good ol’ spice!




Junk food lovers spread lies that one has to starve and eat rabbit food in order to embrace clean eating.  WRONG.  They’re not only yummy, they’re also far healthier than processed garbage and microwave dinners!  ‘Liar!!!  Where’s the meat???!!!’ scream the HAES members.  Here you are : )



See???!!! : )

And here’s a local dish that is a firm favourite – LONTONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drool*


So put down that instant mac and cheese the next time you want to eat.  Choose a much, much, MUCH healthier curry instead!

Wishing you fun,



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