Body Positive – Not everything/everyone is fat shaming

Reading some articles and the comments leaves me – and I’m sure many others – shaking their heads in disbelief.  Yes, fat shaming exists but the body militants have taken it to the extreme, by labelling everything and everyone ‘fat shaming/fat shamers’ if an opinion is not what they want to hear.

Here in Asia, deliberate ignorance isn’t so rampant.  People realise that when they visit the doctor and their weight is brought up as a cause for concern, it is definitely not fat shaming.  Health professionals have a duty to take care of their patients’ best interests and weight is just 1 aspect of our health, like it or not.

We can choose to behave like ostriches and stick our heads in the sand or we can face up to reality.  Those who project their insecurities onto others freely accuse anyone of fat shaming even if remarks are made in a factual manner without malicious intent.  It says more about their own issues than anything else.


There’re larger folks who exercise, eat nutritious food and generally do their best to live well.  They’ll never be slender because their skeletal structure is thicker and that’s ok.  There’re guys out there who embrace these bigger ladies who aren’t slobs and who aren’t stuck to the couch stuffing their faces.

There’re definitely men who embrace these bigger ladies because they’re not negative Debbie Downers who’re forever whining, complaining and crying because their fee fees are easily hurt at a drop of a dime.  Instead of screaming that everyone is a fat shamer, how about you tackle your own body image issues instead?

Oddly, I don’t see larger ladies who do their best to lead a healthy lifestyle behave in the same controlling and masculine manner as the body militants.  Perhaps it’s because they’re already confident since they do what is necessary to keep themselves in the best condition they can.

Others?  They just whine and eat more.

Wishing you fun,



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