Body Positive – Festive season feasts

Here in Singapore, there’re 2 public holidays we celebrate with non-stop feasting: Christmas and Chinese New Year.  Starting late November, there’re gatherings, parties and catch ups with friends and family.  There’re office and team lunches too.

Clients and business associates gift companies with chocolate, cupcakes, log cakes and hampers, or they invite us for business lunches.  Champagne bottles are popped, toasts are raised with wines and beer is consumed without a thought.

Following another round of New Year celebrations, some of us try to lose weight in a desperate attempt to fit into new clothes for Chinese New Year.  This festival is just as damaging.  For 15 solid days, families eat.  We really eat.

As Chinese families make the rounds visiting relatives, not only are there mounds of food, tables are stacked high with fragrant, buttery cookies, greasy barbequed pork known as bak kwa, chocolate, pineapple tarts and assorted candy.

Understandably, after this period, some Singaporeans are desperate to lose weight.  Others accept themselves and are happy to remain as is; power to them!  Now I’m telling you that healthy eating doesn’t mean you can’t let loose and indulge during the festive seasons.


Just choose quality treats.  I love this burrata cheese and ham starter at No Menu, located at Tanjong Pagar.  It’s heavenly with wine!  The cheese, served chilled, melts in the mouth.  I usually have quite large helpings of these 😛

Be disciplined and you won’t have to feel demoralised once the festive seasons are over.  Healthy eating doesn’t require you to deprive yourself; it just requires you to be sensible.  After all, binge eating is harmful.

Wishing you fun,



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