Body positive – dress and feel like a bloody million bucks

Our clothes affect our disposition and behaviour more than we realise.  Think about the last time you felt sassy and flirty in a little black dress and strappy heels.  Think about the last time you felt sensual in a night slip.  Think about the last time you felt hot in vava voom red heels.

Chances are, your smiles were wider and more radiant.  You walked slowly and more gracefully.  You maintained eye contact with everyone you met.  You spoke with more confidence.  Most likely, you were also more charming and gracious with everyone.

So why would we deliberately choose to dress unattractively when we step out of our homes?  It doesn’t make any sense.  It wouldn’t make us feel confident.  It wouldn’t make us want to be our best selves for anyone else!


We don’t need to be supermodel gorgeous; heck, I’m not even close to that level of breathtaking beauty!  However, we can still make the most of what we’ve been blessed with.  Our self esteem comes from knowing we made an effort and it does make us want to be on our best behaviour.

Why is it that some of us have people who love interacting with us?  Because we make an effort with our appearance.  When we feel confident about our efforts, we’re naturally in a good mood.  We treat people well and we know how to have fun!

Flattering clothes are our bodies’ best friends.  Make the time and put in some effort into your appearance everyday.  You’ll be happy to reap your rewards : )

Wishing you fun,



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