Non-feminists are oppressed

This is going to have feminists screeching furiously but it must be said.

The censoring of professional medical opinions about health is an example.  The banning of ‘feeling fat’ and ‘feeling ugly’ emojis in Facebook is another.  The banning of Protein World advertisements is yet 1 more example of the vile and vicious acts feminists are capable of.

They do this on the pretext that the above risk giving young girls poor body image when really, it’s their insecurities fueling the flurry of activity.  What next?  Banning attractive female athletes because they’re body shaming?  What the heck???!!!


These ‘strong and independent’ (read: domineering, controlling and manipulative) women are annoying.

Excuse me.

Since when did I give you the right to speak out on my behalf?

Since when did I need you to take care of my body image?

Since when did I need you to decide what I can or cannot say?

Since when did I give you the right to decide what I should or should not see in magazines, on TV and the movies?

Thanks to you, I don’t have the right to state ON MY FACEBOOK WALL that I feel fat and have the appropriate emoji to accompany it.  Thanks to you, I have to Google for images such as this whenever I state that I feel fat:

*Image does not belong to me*

You bunch of dictators are bullies trying to silence everyone else so that we can’t voice what you don’t want to hear and we can’t view what you don’t want to see.  HOW IS THIS EQUALITY?  HOW IS THIS FREEDOM?  You remind me of the rulers in Animal Farm.

Stop your blatant hypocrisy.  I’ll be glad when the tide turns and this vile group of feminists is crushed once and for all.

Wishing you fun,



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