Snarky strong and independent women/feminists

Partly the reason ‘strong and independent women’/feminists are so reviled isn’t because they’re intelligent, capable, financially stable and independent.  It’s more so because, amongst other things, they can be extremely snarky.  I described how Amanda boasted about being fit and strong whilst, at the same time, putting down ‘weak and dainty women’.

Why does one have to be better than the other?  There’re different types of men in the world and they have their preferences.  Some like the strong and independent type; some go for the so-called ‘weak and dainty’ type, some like a mixture of both.  There’s no right nor wrong; just different strokes for different folks.


There’re things that I can do on my own but it’s so much sweeter when my man does them for me.  For example, he wants to ferry me everywhere even if I can hail a taxi to take me wherever I want to go.  He’s proud that he keeps me safe and gives me a smooth ride to my destination of choice, whereas cab drivers can sometimes be reckless, at least in Singapore.

He always, ALWAYS, carries my luggage whenever we travel.  When it’s a short trip, I pack my stuff into his bag.  He never lets me carry the groceries.  He always pays.  Once in awhile, he will let me fish out my wallet, but when it comes to daily expenses, he’s happy to be the man.

When I’m ill, even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning, he’s awake tending to me.  Really, what more can a woman ask for?  He’s my rock, a solid pillar of support when I need him most.  Yes, he may not always be very expressive when it comes to love, but he does so much more for me.

In turn, he likes my home-cooked food and, for all that he’s done for me, taking care of his health and nutrition is the least I can do.  Helping him to relax and making our time together fun also helps take his mind off stressful matters.  In essence, what we have together works for us.

If I were 1 of the snarky ‘strong and independent women’, doubt that we would last very long 😛

Wishing you fun,



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