Body Positive – there’s no need to be hangry

In a previous entry, I wrote about healthy snacks we can eat in between meals.  At times, for some weird reason, my body decides that it needs more food apart from 3 square meals.  Sometimes I have garlic peas.  Sometimes a small carton of milk.  Sometimes a pack of Jagabee.  Sometimes a digestive cookie with peanut butter.

And sometimes………. whenever I see it being sold at 7-11 outlets, I grab this!


It’s Japanese-style stewed eggs that have a slightly runny centre.  Boy are they delicious!  Each pack contains 2 and it’s more than enough to satisfy my squealing tummy until dinner without ruining the appetite for my final meal of the day.

Maybe this is what they call ‘intuitive eating’, I don’t know.  However, I’d rather not have my work disrupted because my stomach is screaming for food.  I also don’t want to be distracted from my files simply because I want to save room for dinner.

Eating healthily doesn’t mean you need to starve.  I don’t know what extreme diets the body positive LIARS followed which caused them to fail so miserably.  You don’t need to deprive yourself AT ALL.  My meals are substantial.  Yet when my body needs food, it gets food.

Do what is right for your body.  Don’t let negative thoughts pull you down.  Just because some people didn’t succeed doesn’t mean you can’t.  We Chinese have a proverb – failure is the mother of success.  Don’t give up!  Try and try again until you get it right.  And you WILL.

Wishing you fun,



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