Body Positivity – altering images

There has been a push towards having fat people represented in the media – on TV, in the movies, in the music industry, as well as having fat characters in games.  It’s well and good that there’re characters the overweight can relate to, but what purpose does it achieve?

Has it resulted in any of them feeling so good about themselves that they made an effort to get healthy?  If what you’re telling me is that you feel good enough about yourself to take that step towards eating better, sure, I’ll believe you.  But has it, really?  Perhaps a small minority, but for the rest, it has given them even more reason for complacence.

All that time spent online attacking and trolling those who don’t find obesity beautiful could have been used to read up on healthy recipes online, shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking.  All that time spent writing thesis after thesis about fat studies, blahblahblah, could’ve been used for some form of activity.  Is it happening on a large enough scale after seeing fat characters in the media?


So I’m sorry if I’m not convinced that having plus-sized models and fat media personalities has done much good towards pushing the obese to do something about themselves.  If they really wanted to raise their self esteem enough to adopt healthy habits, they would’ve placed much more effort into doing so instead of arguing about fat acceptance and altering beauty standards.

I really can’t buy it.  My fat friends, on the other hand, are always out and about.  They don’t devote all their energy into this body image garbage.  Instead, they’re spending time on activities, which means they’re moving their bodies a heck of a lot more than the Body Positive LIARS.

And they’re leading much better lives too.  They’re more radiant and vibrant.  So what would YOU rather be?

Wishing you fun,



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