#BodyLove 2016 – You deserve applause

You.  You right there.  I want you to give yourself a round of applause.

You deserve it for daring to make a difference to your lives.

You deserve it for taking a less selfish stance and doing something good for yourselves so that your loved ones can have you around longer.

You deserve it for daring to step out of your comfort zone of junk food into the colourful world of healthy eating.

You deserve it for trying.

Most of all, you deserve it for persevering.

So give yourselves 1 clap, 2 claps, 3 claps!!!

Right!  We start 2016 on a positive note.  A genuinely BODY POSITIVE note.  Last year, you saw the lies the body positive LIARS spread busted one after another.  Last year, you realised the body positive LIARS spread untruths to prevent you from succeeding because they failed.

Last year, you saw how healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring, isn’t necessarily more expensive than instant meals or junk food, doesn’t only involve kale, celery and carrot sticks and doesn’t mean total abstinence and deprivation.

Last year, you ventured into the colourful world of healthy eating, the benefits of a clean digestive system, experienced lessened lethargy, cooked meals using fresh food, spices and condiments and exposed yourselves to a wide variety of meals and cuisines.


In short, last year, you realised that you CAN be the healthiest you WANT to be.  Nothing comes without hard work; this is why we’re all so proud of our achievements.  Let your TRUE body positivity be YOUR achievement this year and the years beyond!

I wish you well and a good start to 2016.  Well done and keep it up!

Wishing you fun,



Body Positive – healthy mind, healthy body image

It’s difficult to start a dialogue with the body positive community without being attacked by the more delusional members.  Any mention of health is met with aggression, defensiveness and downright viciousness.

These loony bins project their insecurities onto everyone and expect us to understand why they’re bullies.  How about NO?  If you have issues, YOU need to resolve them.  It doesn’t give you the right to take it out on anyone else nor shut anyone up.

Similarly, when it comes to health, the LIARS spread untruths amongst the community members, preventing their friends from embracing a healthier lifestyle.  They quote pseudo-science as a means to justify their bad eating habits.

Reading their rants and nonsensical posts, I wonder if they’re right in the head.  Their arguments are very flawed; they don’t seem to have any logic.  If they’re in denial about themselves, it’s impossible to help them.  And nobody should waste any more effort on the hopeless.

However, with the more sensible body positive members, there is hope that we can convince them to improve their lives.  We can convince them to think of their loved ones and how happy they would be to have them around longer (as opposed to the very selfish body positive mantra ‘do it for yourself, not anyone else’).

While it’s frustrating to argue with the shouty, delusional cows, it’s worth fighting against them to expose their lies if we can raise awareness amongst the more sensible body positive members.  They can be helped because they WANT to be helped.

I hope as 2015 comes to a close and we enter 2016, we’re able to reach out and lend our support towards the ones who want to lead healthier lifestyles.

Wishing you fun,


#BodyLove – Love yo veggies and crab meat and veggie stew

I’m fortunate to have spent my formative years living with my grandparents.  Grandma is particular about health and nutrition and made sure to inculcate healthy eating habits in me during childhood.  These stayed with me throughout my life, including a love for all things soupy and balanced meals.


Yes, I eat ALL of this at a go.  Veggies are good for us and they’re delicious!  Grandma served tons of good, fresh veggies, fish, meat, along with rice, noodles and porridge during my childhood.  To this day, I need to consume veggies every single day or something feels amiss 😛


So here’s a crab meat and veggie stew that I made and which my man pretty much digs.  It’s healthy, nutritious and a good balance of protein, carbs and… you know, veggies!  Ingredients are pretty simple – you just need crab meat, carrots and potatoes.  For flavour, I used a little stock, ground black pepper, Japanese shoyu, mixed herbs and good old sherry.

Melt butter at medium heat and mix in Japanese shoyu.  Fry the carrots and potatoes for 2 to 3 minutes.  Reduce heat, add the stock, sherry and sprinkle mixed herbs and black pepper all over the carrots and potatoes.  Cook for another 20 minutes, or until they’re as tender as you want.

Stir in the crab meat, then cover and cook for another 5 to 8 minutes.  Season with more sherry, mixed herbs, black pepper and shoyu if necessary.


Turn off the heat and serve immediately.


Wishing you fun,


#BodyPositive – helluva lotta food!

I’ve shown in many entries that people who’re able to maintain their weight at a healthy level don’t need to starve at all.  I’ll never get sick of busting the lies some of the body positive members spread in order to prevent others from succeeding where they failed.  If it helps motivate others to get their health in order, I’ll keep right on doing it.

This is lunch for my man and me.  2 people sharing all this good food and we ate………………. *gasp* rice!!!  Oh noooooooooooo!!!  Evil carbohydrates! 😛  Unless you’re a fitness professional training for a competition, there’s really no need to completely eliminate carbohydrates from your daily diet.

Besides, let’s be honest.  Carbs are delicious!  Who doesn’t love roasted potatoes?  If the body positive members abstained from their favourite foods and dieted to the extreme just to drop their weight as quickly as possible, no wonder it felt like torment!  Now if you’re more sensible than that, rest assured you don’t have to!


White bait omelette


Mackerel bitter gourd soup


Steamed cod


Chicken rice!

It’s a decent amount of food for normal appetites.  People who eat like elephants naturally grow into the size of elephants!  Have you seen how the stars of My 600 Pound Life eat???!!!  This meal kept us reasonably full until dinner time.  We didn’t feel hungry and, even if we did, there’re healthy snacks we can munch on to keep those hunger pangs at bay!

So please do yourselves a favour.  Eat fresh.  It’ll keep you from blowing up to the size of the stars of My 600 Pound Life who’re too heavy to fit into the bathtub (even their bathrooms!) and eventually require bariatric surgery in order to save their lives.  These people pay the price for devouring tons of junk food everyday.

Do you want to suffer and, more importantly, can you bear to see your loved ones grieve over you?

Wishing you fun,


Are men to blame for impossible beauty standards?

People blame impossible/unrealistic beauty standards for their body image issues and no wonder.  We’re bombarded by tons of images of beautiful people in the media and on social media.  But if women don’t feel confident about themselves, are men really to blame?

If we’re consistently comparing ourselves to the genetically blessed – or modified with cosmetic surgery – it’s inevitable that we think we fall short.  We think that men will only accept us if we look like gorgeous celebrities and models.  We blame men for imposing these beauty standards on us, but really, did they?

Let’s be fair.  Online, many of them agree that they don’t need somebody who looks like a porn star.  Heck, they can accept that normal people have flaws.  They even acknowledge that models are airbrushed and photoshopped to death in magazines.  In short, men are more accepting than we give them credit for!


I’m not perfect.  Not gorgeous.  Not drop-dead beautiful.  Neither are the many women who enjoy fulfilling and meaningful relationships.  What we have is sufficient confidence not to project our own body image issues and inadequacies onto anyone else.

There’re plus-sized women who happily state online that they never had any problem with men and getting dates.  Why is Oprah happily attached?  Why is Melissa McCarthy happily married?  Are their men imposing unrealistic beauty standards on them?

Before the push for body diversity in media, these women were contentedly leading their own lives.  Sure, it’s good business for them to hop on the body image wagon to boost their popularity and fan base; otherwise, they were leading good lives.

Negative body image stems from within ourselves.  These radiant plus-sized celebrities didn’t need a community to boost their self esteem enough to dress in flattering clothes.  They just did.  Impossible beauty standards are men’s fault?  Nah, not really.

Wishing you fun,


Meat meat meat

Reading the body positive LIARS’ claims that they survived on kale, celery and carrot sticks in order to reduce their obesity levels has me shaking my head in disbelief.  What kind of garbage are they poisoning their members’ minds with???!!!

Puhlease, you don’t need to go vegan and you don’t need to abstain from meat at all.  If healthy eating only entails eating plants, then this girl is outta there, pronto! 😛  The fact is, you CAN eat meat and there’re different yummy cuts of fresh meat to choose from!


Assam pork belly with a side salad is served with a small plate of sliced baguette (that’s the plate immediately next to the dish).  It’s a balanced meal that is tasty and satisfying and keeps me full until the next meal *burp*

Pork belly contains fat, yes.  It’s also the world’s most natural collagen.  Why pay more dollars for far more expensive plant extract collagen (mixed with artificial CHEMICALS) when this natural collagen is yummier and cheaper?

When you embark on your journey to being healthier, there will be many others who try to dissuade you and sabotage your progress.  You may even be ostracised.  However, you’ll find others who’re on the same journey and, ultimately, such friendships are more rewarding because you’re bettering yourselves together.

Why let such negative people weigh you down and keep you from trying?

Wishing you fun,


Is beauty a social construct?

I don’t know who came up with the phrase ‘beauty is a social construct’, but the radical feminists and SJWs have vomited it all over the internet thereafter.  Here in Singapore, it’s a relatively new idea.  How many of you have heard of it?  Well, according to the theory, we perceive ideal beauty due to what we see in the media.

The radical feminists and SJWs claim that the perfect body is perpetuated through magazines, advertisements, movies, TV, etc, and since all the photos and images are photoshopped to death, it sets unrealistic standards of beauty which no women could live up to.  It also causes men to only think that 1 type of body – slender – is beautiful.

This is the reason for the push to include more diverse bodies in the media and why plus-sized and obese-sized models are cheered on whereas the naturally thin models are criticised as anorexic.  What the body positive community hopes is that it will level the playing field for them, so that men will find their larger bodies attractive too.

So is beauty really a social construct?  Hmm.


Maybe.  Exposure usually broadens one’s perceptions and views, so why not beauty?  This is the reason cosmetic ads are air-brushed to perfection.  Models’ faces need to look flawless so as to best showcase the foundation, 2-way cakes and rouge.  The same applies for skincare products.

What about bodies?  The jury still seems to be out here.  On the 1 hand, there’re arguments such as the title of this entry; then there’re studies showing that men’s preferences still haven’t changed despite all the publicity for heavier bodies.  Sure, they may find some of them attractive, but they still prefer slender ladies.

I can’t draw any conclusions from this.  After all, I’ve always found voluptuous women lovely too.  Ultimately, does it matter?  If we take care of our bodies as best as we can, we should feel proud of our achievements.  If we’re healthy and can be active often, what need is there to be ashamed?

Wishing you fun,