‘You can’t handle me!’ scream the feminists

Have you come across quotes like these?

Familiar, hey?  These are quotes feminists or *eh hem* ‘strong, independent women’ frequently use to shame men who prefer feminine women.  If you bother to Google them, there’re tons of ’empowering messages’ out there, urging women to be even bolder, louder and…………

Well, more unpleasant, really.

Feminists spend long hours writing thesis after thesis and e-article after e-article, wondering why feminism and feminists have such a bad rep.  If, instead of spending so much time banging on their keyboards and churning out useless write-ups so as to prove their intelligence, they do some self-reflection, perhaps the answer would be crystal clear to them, like how it is to us.

I have yet to meet a nice feminist who doesn’t freely spew vitriol and insults.  Evidence of this bizarre and belligerent behaviour is strewn all over the comments section of online articles and the Manosphere.  It’s their behaviour, their warped beliefs and attention-seeking lifestyles that ruin their own image and the feminist movement.

And they only have themselves to blame for it.

If they cannot interact with normal human beings in a peaceful and calm manner, they don’t deserve any support for their movement.

Wishing you fun,



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