A new friend and bacon milk frittata

Recently, I started following a blog, www.boughtthehouse.wordpress.com.  The blog author and I hit it off pretty well, partly because we’re not feminists and partly because we share common views about the lies spread by the Fat Acceptance and HAES movement LIARS.  It’s been enjoyable interacting with her and I hope to have more chats in future!

Do check out her blog.  She’s a far better writer than me and I’m excited to read about her new home.  The US was a place I grew to love when I resided there for a while, a few years back.  At the time, people were friendly and less prickly.  Nowadays, the SJWs and PC brigade are the watchdogs of the cyber world and bark any dissenters silent *bleah*

The rest of the normal and sane Americans are understandably pissed off.  C’mon, of course!  They’re being censored left, right and centre!  There’s no room for any humour these days because people take themselves far too seriously and seem to have very narrow definitions of what humour is.  No wonder they’re always so angry 😛

Thus it’s nice to bump into lovely Americans like Lauren who’re humble, not aggressive and still very feminine.  People like her are what make up my fond memories of the US.


We felt like something light for dinner, so I went with a bacon frittata, which made my man very happy 😛  He happily cut the amount of bacon he wanted, then I estimated the eggs needed for the frittata.  There is a past entry about a bacon, tomato and cheese frittata, so I won’t rehash the steps.

What I will write about is what was done differently.  It was just bacon for this recipe.  However, I added a little quantity of milk to the eggs in addition to mixed herbs and black pepper.  This gave the frittata a creamy, fluffy texture and a wonderful fragrance.  He loved it!!!


It’s something I’ll make again, since he loves it 😛

Wishing you fun,



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