Busting body positive lies – healthy eating is NOT boring

When body positive activists write articles dissing healthy eating, they frequently talk about their own experiences.  They felt tormented only nibbling on veggies and running a gazillion miles.  They felt deprived and were apparently starving.

If healthy eating feels like torture, then perhaps these folks took it to the extreme or didn’t know what moderation is.  So this is the goddamn honest truth about healthy eating.

#1  It is NOT boring.

How can it be when you’re introducing so many other cuisines to your life?  Instead of limiting yourselves to junk food, you’re now free to explore many delicious, tasty and healthy cuisines!

Italian, French, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Indian, etc.  Even Chinese cuisine can be broken down to Hokkien, Cantonese, Sichuan, Hainanese, Hakka and more!

#2  You DO NOT just eat veggies.

Healthy eating involves the right balance of carbohydrates, meat, vegetables and fats.  I’ve shared some of the fatty foods I eat.  I have fragrant rice and potatoes.  I cook using lamb, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs and pork.  Heck, I also use butter, cheese, sauces and wine!

I also consume bacon, sausages and truffle fries!

#3  The food is NOT bland.

I eat curries.  The gravy is thick, spicy and very tasty.  The really spicy ones literally set your mouth on fire!  I use herbs, tom yum paste, assam and curry powders, sambal and char siew sauces and other seasoning to flavour my dishes.


Chances are, these body positive LIARS took things to the extreme and eventually gave up because their diets were too regimental or they obsessed too much over calories.  Or, perhaps they took on too much too soon and subjected themselves to the lifestyles of fitness professionals or athletes.

We don’t need to do that!  We’re just normal folks working at normal jobs.  There isn’t the need to restrict ourselves that much.  We can afford to be more flexible with our food choices.  All I’ve done is to limit my intake of junk food and eat healthy, balanced meals and fresh food.

That’s it!  It’s the secret to healthy eating, which is really no secret at all!  Please ask yourselves before you believe the body positive activists’ lies – is it really that hard???

Wishing you fun,



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