Body positivity and manners, manners, manners, please!

I don’t know when ugliness became a trend but I’ve seen rather appalling pictures of people in certain countries looking and behaving crassly.  It’s well and good to be body positive and to feel attractive, but how attractive can it be to adopt unrefined mannerisms???  Tell me, how ladylike is this body positive activist?

To be fair, she isn’t as ugly as some people say she is.  She looks cute and has a mischievous, impish grin that can be quite endearing.  But it’s all ruined by her flippin’ the bird and she goes from being adorable to… well, gross.  Like my man said, girls aren’t supposed to do that.

We should do ourselves a favour and behave like women.  Leave the crude gestures and potty mouths to the men.  Each time I see a woman engaging in crass behaviour, it really makes me cringe.  I feel sorry and a tad embarrassed for her because it’s certainly not a pretty sight!

This is probably what some guys mean when they say that being feminine isn’t just about looking like a woman or dressing like one.  There’re certainly some blonde babes with really hot bodies who’re sadly photographed looking vulgar and it diminishes their appeal.  Sexy is appealing and doesn’t compromise respect for us; trashy isn’t and makes us seem vulgar and lacking in self respect.

If we don’t respect ourselves enough to behave like ladies, how are we to demand or expect respect from men?  I don’t understand how some feminists and women don’t get that.

Wishing you fun,



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