Fat is NOT a feminist issue, fat is its own issue

I read articles stating how some fat acceptance members ended up feminists and wondered if the reason they embraced feminism was to create an alliance so as to have the feminists fight their cause.  There’s strength in numbers after all.  Thereafter, they bellowed louder and became even more obnoxious to everyone.

Feminism is supposed to help women and, a long time ago, it did.  It bettered women’s plights and lots in life and enabled them to earn some money, thereby easing the load on their husbands’ shoulders.  It was a good thing.  Feminism CAN still help women – especially in places where they live in destitution.

But are these fat feminists doing anything about the unfortunate plights of women?  No.  Their aim is wholly self-centred.  They’re more focused on equal pay, equal opportunity, fat acceptance, blah blah blah, all in the name of helping women.  And the women who truly need help?  Forgotten.

Fat is not a feminist issue.  Fat is its own issue.  It’s an issue made bigger (no pun intended) because some fat women have their own body image issues.  While there ARE most definitely bullies, there’re also people who accept fat people and count them as friends.  There’re also people who enjoy and appreciate the friendship and warmth fat people bring to their lives.


But the suffering fat women face is nothing compared to those living in poverty, struggling to feed themselves even 3 proper meals a day.  Where is feminism when it’s most needed?  Where’re these strong and independent women, who’re supposedly fighting to improve the lives of women everywhere?

Think fat people have it tough?  These women live in filthy surroundings with barely a roof over their heads, they earn a pittance doing manual work for long hours.  Some of them eventually go blind from sewing in poor lighting in order to earn a few more cents to feed their families.

Their homes are filthy because they don’t have enough money to buy detergent and soap.  Their poor hygiene leads to diseases because whatever little they earn goes towards food.  Their tummies are bloated and their bones are brittle from malnutrition.

And here we have the women bickering about fat-shaming and skinny-shaming and the oppression Olympics.  Puhlease, give me a break!  If you are truly feminists as you profess, you would get over yourself and start actually doing something useful for women who truly need it.

Those are REAL feminist issues.  What feminism was originally intended for.  As for fat people?  Come over here.  I accept you.  There ARE people who accept you.  Don’t be permanently stuck in victim mode.

Wishing you fun,



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