Teaching my niece healthy eating

My darling niece looks so much more like me than her parents, she’s often mistaken for my daughter.  She’s the same frame and very similar personality traits not found in her parents!  This isn’t any surprise because instead of taking after my own parents, I’m a carbon copy of my grandma during her younger days.  Well, minus her gorgeous voluptuousness and big boobs, alas 😛  My body frame was inherited from grandpa : )

Children are too young to know any better, so it’s up to us adults to inculcate good eating habits.  My man’s brother and his wife let their daughter eat whatever she wants and now she has to go to fat camp at the tender age of 11!  Sure, they love and indulge her, but it may not be in her best interests.  As for my niece, I’d like her to learn and form good eating habits right now so she maintains them till old age.


Poor girl has to smile with her mouth closed for now because her milk teeth fell out!  But that didn’t stop us from having a day of fun.  We had lunch, then went bowling!  The girl tired her mum out from all the running around she did.  But it’s what children should be doing – moving around.  That’s why we don’t stop her.


The first of my lunch – a bowl of pork rib and Chinese squash soup with wolfberries.


Followed by grilled chicken and avocado cobb salad.  The bacon was so delicious! 😛


Lastly, grilled salmon, mashed potato and ratatouille.

Starving?  Hardly!  Loving your children and your young family members involve raising them with good habits and values from childhood, which will help them for the rest of their lives.  Loving them doesn’t mean indulging them without a sense of discipline.  That isn’t love at all.


Sure, my little niece can’t always have chocolate cake and candy as much as she’d like.  But she’s given treats every now and then when she does well.  She’s not deprived of them at all.  At the very least, hopefully, these healthy eating habits will prevent her from ballooning up to 400 or 500 lbs like some do in the US.

Fresh food tastes great and provides many nutritional benefits that our bodies need.  If you love yourself and your family, get started and don’t listen to those Fat/Body Acceptance and HAES LIARS!

Wishing you fun,



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