Fun with my boys

As I mentioned in the earlier entry, when you look and feel like a million bucks, it shows.  It does affect the way we interact with the world and vice versa.  People gravitate towards those who’re confident, friendly, warm and gracious and when we feel our best, we give our best to all who come in contact with us.


What happens when we dress up and feel good about ourselves?  Well, we’re more fun, happier, livelier, more cheerful and everybody, from the gals to the boys, will come to us to play!  The girls and I played in the last entry; now it’s the boys’ turn : )  Everybody had a good time!



When we look and feel our best, we don’t project our own insecurities onto everyone else.  We don’t become defensive; we don’t become over-sensitive.  We joke, we tease, we laugh and nobody’s fee fees get easily hurt.  We don’t greet everyone with coldness; we radiate warmth and fun : )


Our confidence shows in our body language.  We don’t cross our arms angrily over our bodies.  We don’t stare at the cameras with a surly, hostile expression.  Everything about us is open, friendly and uninhibited.  We don’t turn people away with our defensive body language.


Everyone – the guys and the ladies – reacts positively to that.  Well, almost everyone, save for those who prefer to be slobs and are angry at those who bother with their appearance.  Then they turn around and scream that they’re judged and label us ‘vapid’ and ‘shallow’.  See the hypocrisy?  Who’s judging here?



Nobody’s going to befriend us if we don’t show we’re willing to be friends first.  Nobody’s going to wanna hang out with us if our fee fees are so darned easily hurt.  Nobody’s going to find us good company if we’re overly defensive or sensitive.  And nobody’s going to want to be near us if we’re always projecting our own insecurities and negativity onto everyone around us.

But when people can see that we like to have a good time and play? : )


Everybody has a ton of fun!

Appearance matters more than we realise.  Go on and make an effort.  You’re worth it!

Wishing you fun,



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