Feminists and body positive activists, thanks for the laughs!

The entry about my trip to Semarang mentioned a feminist known as ‘Angry Man’.  She made an effort to scrutinise my blog in order to find ammunition for the sole purpose of attacking me because I disagree with feminist views.  1 of them was targeted at my man.  Boy did we have a laugh when I read her comment out loud to him!

Besides insulting my appearance and body shaming (my my, how feminist of you, Angry Man :P), she said despite being feminine and all, I only managed to bag a balding guy to take care of me.  Thanks for the compliment, sweetie, but how old do you think I am??? 😛  Am I supposed to turn into a cougar and only go for younger dudes?

It never ceases to amaze me how feminists will resort to all sorts of low blows so as to shut dissenters up.  How is this not reverse oppression, if not downright oppression?  How are they building women up when they’re busy tearing them down?  How do they expect to win women over to support their causes by being so aggressive and domineering?

But thanks Angry Man and the likes of you behaving the same.  Your behaviour sabotages yourselves and we derive lots of amusement from it 😛  Please continue being manly 😛


Another source of circus-like amusement comes from the body positive LIARS who claim that slim folks starve themselves.  It’s fun to prove them wrong over and over and, also, thwart their efforts to prevent their other members from leading healthier lives and eating better.


When I’m rushing for time, I lunch near the office.  There’re 2 tasty chicken dishes available.  The rosemary chicken with mushroom sauce is 1.  Frequently, I add a sunny-side-up too.  Is this starving?  It’s quite a large portion of food!  Before these defensive hags scream that I didn’t eat all that……..


Ooops 😛  All gone, even the skin of the chicken! 😛


Here’s the second version which I adore – the black pepper chicken.  Again, with an added sunny-side-up.  Is this starving?  And…………….. more importantly, did I eat all that?


Ooops 😛

Instead of being indignant at the allegations these delusional cows hurl at slim women, I share their lies with my man for laughs.  What they accomplish is to make me all the more determined to help those who’re more sensible start on their journey towards better eating habits and overall better health.

It’s the biggest slap in the face when they realise people see through their lies 😛

Wishing you fun,



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