Fun with my gals

So we were all out in full force at an event.  I’m writing about fun with my gals first, followed by fun with my boys : )  It was an opportunity to dress up, preen and pose in front of the cameras!  Days before the event, we were excitedly discussing what we would wear.  I was trying to decide amongst 3 dresses!

Finally, I settled on a subtly sexy black halterneck mini : )  The host arranged for a photo booth for guests to ham it up in front of the cameras.  Many did use it, but some of us decided to rely on our good old trusty smart phones instead.  And we had tons of fun sending one another our images!




It all goes to show that all ladies need to do is choose flattering clothes and doll ourselves up and we can all look and feel like a million bucks!  Why look like a slob when we can be confident all the time?  Clothes affect our posture and body language more than we realise, so it’s important to make an effort to be stylish : )



Why listen to the feminists and neglect your appearance altogether just so as to focus on careers, education, possessions like cars, homes, etc?  Having one doesn’t need to be at the expense of another.  What is wrong with having it all, including embracing our feminine qualities?


Regardless of size, regardless of weight, ALL of us can make the most of what we’ve been blessed with.  We may not be supermodel gorgeous, but we can definitely be the best we can be and that includes looking the best we can look!  When we feel our best and most confident, people naturally gravitate towards us!


Instead of accusing everyone around us of judging when we can’t be bothered to make an effort to look our best, why not flip it around and see that placing importance on our looks is a sign of self respect?  Why give up on our appearance when it makes a big difference to how we interact with the world and vice versa?


There’re no ugly women……….


Only lazy ones.

Wishing you fun,



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