Barbequed stingray, sambal kangkong and strong, independent women

Barbequed stingray is a local dish which we enjoy from time to time.  The meat is very tender, similar to unagi kabayaki, except it’s smothered in a spicy and savoury chilli sauce.  By golly, it’s delicious!  My man decided it was time to pamper me with some when I was under a lot of stress.


YUM!  He also ordered some sambal kangkong and we ate these with rice.  This was by no means the end of our meal because we ended up ordering some food to bring home for continued munching!


When I told my man about Amanda, i.e. the strong and independent woman I used to be friends with, he shuddered.  This was a woman who kept such a tight leash on her ex-boyfriend that he stood her up on dates.  Eventually, she demanded that he tell her whether they were still together by a certain date.  He never even bothered to reply.

Another ex-boyfriend of hers handed her her handbag when she threatened to leave in the middle of dinner with him.  She’s also 1 of the slutty feminist types ‘sexually liberated’, who didn’t think twice about posting photos of herself in panties in social media, boasting about her ‘lines’ or what American women refer to as ‘curves’.

When she posted a photo of her naked thighs in a hotel bathtub in her online dating profile, a well-meaning dude pointed out that she would attract the wrong kind of attention.  She rationalised it away as needing to put herself out there so that the great men would take notice of her.

When I introduced her to my friend, she fell in love with him and chased him to the point of sending him photos of her bare breasts.  Well, well, well!  All this effort and he wasn’t even interested.

Now that’s not to say that strong and independent women don’t have their admirers; they do.  There ARE men who appreciate such partners.  Marcus is 1 of them and he’s a cutie.  He once explained that he needs a partner who’s firm because he can be a handful.  So there are guys who appreciate such women.

But to those who adore us feminine women – oftened viewed as ‘weak and dainty’ by these she-males – strong and independent women are too much trouble and, frequently, the effort isn’t worth it.  This is a valid opinion as well.

Well, the long and short of this is, there’s someone for everyone.  There’re enough men who appreciate us feminine women such that we enjoy loving and meaningful partnerships too.  We’re not, in any way, inferior to strong and independent women!

Wishing you fun,



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