If you want acceptance, be nice

I’ve written a lot about having fat friends and to disprove allegations from body militants that I’m a fat shamer just because my opinions differ from theirs.  I also wrote about body militants seeking validation about their appearance and not respect as they claim.  Now I’ll write about acceptance.


A pretty nice American guy who goes by the Disqus nick ‘Driver’ lamented some months back that fat people used to be nice and warm.  However, with the body positive/fat acceptance/HAES communities encouraging their members to be more aggressive and belligerent, those days where fat folks were pleasant are long gone.

Western societies are divided into the body militants and pretty much everybody else who’re normal and sane.  The nastier these body militants are, the more they try to delude their members and everybody else, the more they’re in denial, the more they demand validation, the worse the push back.

What they don’t get is, the more spiteful, vicious, nasty and mean they are, the more resentment – vocalised or not – there will be in retaliation.  It’s a downward spiral into a world of hatred.  Conversely, the fat folks who remain nice and aren’t brainwashed by these communities still enjoy acceptance and respect from most.

Sure, there will always be bullies.  I don’t deny this and don’t wish to flippantly dismiss the suffering the overweight experience.  However, they shouldn’t alienate those who aren’t bullies either.  It isn’t helping their cause at all.  In fact, what they’re doing is insulate and isolate themselves even further.

If you want acceptance, be nice.  Everyone can be nasty or nice, regardless of our size.  Those who’re deliberately malicious won’t find acceptance.  They won’t be liked.  And they’ll also be bloody darned miserable, no matter how ‘happy’ they claim to be.

Wishing you fun,



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