Yummy lunches

So far, I’ve shown you that the first step towards healthy eating is cutting out processed food.  It doesn’t mean we can’t eat them; we just don’t eat them everyday.  A ‘treat’ isn’t supposed to occur everyday.  Cheat days do not happen everyday.  Once a week, maybe.  But we CAN and DO eat fast food.

The second step involves eating fresh – meats, veggies, carbohydrates.  To allow more flexibility, I don’t need to eat all of these food groups in 1 meal.  Instead, they can be allocated throughout your meals of the day to allow for more flexibility.  Consumed enough veggies during lunch?  Have your protein and carbs for dinner!

So it’s proven that Fat Acceptance/HAES/Body Positive loony bins are liars and they continue to lie to the overweight.  I don’t understand it; do they wish to drag others down with them because it makes THEM feel better?  How selfish of them if that’s the case!  And they’re the ones preaching about kindness, empathy, compassion and humanity.

Puhlease.  If you even give a rat’s ass about those qualities, you’d wish your fellow human beings well.

So here’re 2 yummy lunches.  I’m having something about 2’s lately 😛


Warm spinach salad at Brotzeit

Dinner with my man would be heavy as it was the weekend, so when I had lunch with Lindy, this was what I ordered.  The salad is delicious and surprisingly filling, although it is very light eating indeed!  And there was enough tummy space left for a meaty and carbolicious dinner!


Black pepper chicken at Kettlepot

Grilled chicken in black pepper sauce with veggies, veggies and more veggies!  This allowed me to have fish and carbs for dinner!


Healthy eating doesn’t require you to be obsessive.  It doesn’t mean you need to watch your calories like a hawk.  It doesn’t mean you need to adhere to a regimental diet.  No, no, no, no, no.  Most of us aren’t fitness professionals nor employed in jobs where we need to take our diets to the extreme.

In fact, we have a lot more leeway and freedom to choose what we want to eat, even if we’re eating healthy!  And the food?  Absolutely scrumptious.  It’s fresh, it’s nutritious and it doesn’t cause lethargy.  It’s your choice, but ask yourself whether you want to adopt this for your health and for the sake of your loved ones.

Ask yourself if you would like to feel fresher and cleaner (and you WILL feel it after you keep at it for some time).

Ask yourself if it’s really all that difficult.

Big changes start with a single step.

Take that step.  You’re worth it.  You’re worth loving.  Your body is your temple.

Wishing you fun,



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