Quiche and tea at TWG!

Yen Ling and I are huge fans of eggs.  They’re deliciously rich sources of protein!  Taking a break from our usual salads, we headed to TWG at Basement 1, Marina Bay Sands, for an eggy treat!  Well, actually, we were there for salads, but changed our minds when we saw quiches on the menu 😛

We consoled ourselves by making the solemn promise to order salads the next time we visit, but quiche it was!  When it arrived, we were so excited because, not only was it pretty, it looked and smelled so yummy!


In order to assuage our guilt, we ate the salad first 😛  Thereafter, we tucked into the heavenly quiche.  It was chockful of tasty veggies – chunks of pumpkin, broccoli and carrot! 😀  Well, at least we didn’t feel that bad indulging in something other than what we’d originally planned for lunch 😛

The portion was quite large; neither of us could finish it.  On hindsight, we should have shared 1 plate, but then there wouldn’t be enough salad for either of us, bummer 😛  We left about a third of the quiche.  It was such a waste, but we didn’t want to stuff ourselves till it was difficult to breathe.


Camomile tea for Yen Ling; green tea for me! 😀

It was a very good meal; we definitely will return!

Wishing you fun,



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