Fun in the office and lamb chops with potatoes

Boys will be boys.  Andy tries to annoy me on an almost daily basis because he likes the reaction.  Our regular ‘squabbles’ are a constant source of amusements to colleagues and it’s just as well.  Lightening up the stressful workplace ambience can’t be bad, can it?  So this was the second time we coincidentally wore the same coloured top to work.

This made us ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ for the day and, to much colleagues’ laughter, we decided to try to be ‘lurrrrrrvey durrrrrrrvey’ all day.  Casual Fridays are a whole lot more fun this way.  Somebody even suggested that we have our photo taken.  Why not?  If it gives everyone else a good chuckle, we’ll do it! 😛


Oh well, we all had fun for a day : )


I’m quite excited about the food photo in this entry because it turned out quite nice.  The lamb chops were marinated overnight with salt, black pepper, mixed herbs and sherry.  They didn’t taste as good as when we used soy sauce or oyster sauce, though.  So now we know.  But the potatoes were yummy and I’ll share the recipe.

Cut a potato into 8 chunks.  Melt butter at medium heat in a skillet, mix in mixed herbs, black pepper and sherry, then fry the potatoes for about 2 minutes.  Reduce the heat to low, cover and cook for about 25 to 30 more minutes, depending on how soft you want your spuds.  Turn the pieces from time to time to coat them with the seasoning and to have them nicely browned.


There!  Set them aside to cool as cooled potatoes are more flavourful : )

Next, fry the lamb chops till the done-ness you prefer.


And this was how I arranged the chops and potatoes for dinner so they look more appetising : )



Wishing you fun,



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