Great chicken rice!

Chicken rice is a local delicacy in Singapore and Chatterbox arguably has the best in the country.  It’s very pricey, but the taste is heavenly!  The population boom, however (thank you, government, for squashing us even more on this tiny island!), means that everywhere is crazily crowded, especially in town.

So I was really happy to find that Manzhu Cafe at Chinese Swimming Club serves the same dish of a comparable standard.  The fluffy, fragrant rice cooked in chicken fat and broth, the smooth, tender and juicy chicken thigh and veggies drenched in light soy sauce and flavourful condiments – chilli sauce, dark soy sauce and yummy crushed ginger!


I took my man there and he absolutely loved it!  My niece also adores the dish served here, so I’m sure we’ll be back from time to time when our cravings strike!  Manzhu Cafe also serves decent prata, salads and grilled salmon.  Perhaps next time, I may give their other dishes a try if I don’t get distracted by the chicken rice 😛

Wishing you fun,



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