2 ways with lamb meatballs

Take some lamb mince, marinade it overnight, shape them into meatballs.  Then you fry them over medium-high heat.  Not difficult, right? : )  So here are 2 recipes.  The difference lies in the marinade.  It’s so tempting to do a Maria Kang and shriek, “What’s your excuse?” for not cooking, but noooooooo, I’d better not in case SJW and feminist witches shriek their lungs out at me 😛

Basically, my aim is to bust the damn lies the Fat Acceptance and HAES members have been perpetuating, thereby preventing their other more sensible members from embarking on a journey for better health.  There IS a life and good meals outside of fast food/junk food.

And I could never go vegan/vegetarian.  This girl needs meat!  So without further ado…


Marinade: 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part vinegar, crushed garlic and mixed herbs.  These little darlings were palm-sized.


Marinade: oyster sauce, grated cheese, ground black pepper, mixed herbs.  These little darlings were also palm-sized.

Then you’ll need the sauce to go with them.


Reserve the lamb fat, mix in pasta sauce, melt cheddar cheese.  And that’s it!  You serve, you devour, you enjoy with a glass of red.

HAES and FAM lies debunked.

Wishing you fun,



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