Body Positive – balanced meals

In order to have sufficient energy to get through the day, I eat well.  I have hectic days – after a full day of work, I rush to the hospital to care for my sick relative and help with physiotherapy exercises.  Then I rush home to prepare dinner.

Obesity levels are so prevalent in western countries that their opinion of what is a healthy weight is totally skewed.  What is normal is viewed as ‘skinny’, ‘anorexic’ or ‘bulimic’.  The fact is, pro-ana members wouldn’t want to touch a meal like this with a 10-foot pole.


Barbequed prawns, tofu, fried bean cake and steamed brinjal.  I eat this for a meal.  This isn’t starving like what the body positive LIARS claim.  It’s likely that, in order to lose a ton of weight as quickly as possible, they intentionally skipped meals and went hungry.

The reality is, you don’t need to do that at all.  Because my days are hectic and active – doing physiotherapy exercises for somebody else means I’m moving too! – these calories are burnt at a very rapid rate.  In addition, I walk quickly everywhere instead of lumbering along lethargically.

It’s possible to eat well and healthily.  It isn’t necessary to starve nor go hungry to be at a healthy weight.  I’ve been showing you this, FOC, so that you won’t believe the lies the body positive LIARS perpetuate.  You CAN do it.  Just be patient and you’ll see the results in time to come.

Wishing you fun,



Fried fish maw and don’t force the cool

When I was with my American ex, he taught me the phrase ‘don’t force the cool’.  Incidentally, this was 1 of his email IDs.  He explained that it means not to act cool when you really aren’t.  Essentially, it’s trying to act as someone other than yourself.  When I was friends with Amanda, this phrase popped up in my mind on several occasions.

Amanda bragged constantly about herself – how capable, intelligent and organised she was, how she would be an asset to my friend, how she would help him to run his business, how well she was doing, how much she was earning, etc.  Even when we dined at posh venues, she would insist on paying at times.

1 day, the bubble burst.  Seeing that I toted designer bags, she also wanted one.  Thus, I accompanied her to browse at the boutiques.  We traipsed from shop to shop and she kept talking garbage about how she would scan the merchandise, blah blah blah boring as hell, but she visibly blanched at the price tags.

For somebody who claimed she earned the salary she did, buying a designer bag costing a few thousand wouldn’t be a big deal.  She refused.  We even went to Fendi, where we spotted a tiny pouch costing less than S$1,000/- and yet she couldn’t bear to part with the money.

Look, there’s no shame in being frugal or not earning a high income.  There’s also no shame if one isn’t of a high rank in the corporate world.  In fact, the movers and shakers are frequently men and, more often than not, they prefer to deal with men!  What I’m trying to highlight here is – don’t force the cool.

Thereafter, she burst her bubble quite a few times when she declared that her dresses weren’t cheap, but they inevitably were, relatively speaking.  She would disparage another friend by making remarks such as ‘you’re JUST an admin assistant’ in order to make herself seem superior… and… cooler, I suppose.

But she never really was all that, no matter how she tried to portray herself to be.  Eventually, she was forced to resign from her company.  She claimed that it was getting rid of the top management, but it turns out that they retained the second and third in command.  It was just… well… her who had to leave.

She’s now back to teaching English to Indonesian children in Jakarta.  It forced her to start life afresh because she wasn’t liked by many who knew her here.  Ultimately, she’s still very much alone in Jakarta.  Perhaps despite talking about changing herself over and over, she never really did go about taking that step.

I have friends from all walks of life.  I wouldn’t have looked down on her if she’d just been herself instead of making herself to be some hot shot.  Oh well *shrug*


My man bought some fried fish maw as a treat : )  It was pretty tasty!  This version was prepared using dried fish maw, though.  I prefer the taste of fresh ones : )


If I’d been someone I wasn’t, I doubt my man would’ve been together with me anyway.  Moral of the story?

Don’t force the cool.

Wishing you fun,


Body Positive – you CAN be the healthiest you WANT to be

I’m not a fitness professional.  My job doesn’t involve intense physical training like those practised in the army.  I’m just your average woman living a normal life and who has a desk-bound job.  My career doesn’t involve being in front of the camera.

Let’s face it; most of us aren’t involved in the media.  You’re probably just like me, leading a regular life.  Some of us take care of the home while our spouses work.  Some of us enjoy having a job and earning our own money.

This usually means that we don’t have the time to push ourselves hard at the gym.  I’ve made it no secret that I don’t; there’s little time for it.  I also have a back injury from a previous car accident where the car my family was in was hit from the back and the impact caused the car to spin and the rear passenger door to crumble.

What if I tell you that a normal person who doesn’t have the time to go to the gym and who doesn’t starve can achieve a healthy physique?


This is my body.  You don’t see it in the media but I’m not crying that society changes its perception of beauty to include me.  I’m not a model but I don’t scream that the modelling industry should include body types like mine.

Let’s be realistic – it isn’t a perfect body.  It isn’t as lean nor as gorgeous as fitness models and athletes.  But it’s as healthy as I can get it despite my circumstances.  It’s a journey to being in the best health I can be so that it rubs off on my family members and gives me energy throughout the day.

I’m telling you that while it might not be possible for most of us to have bodies as stunning as fitness and media personalities, it IS possible for us to achieve a reasonably healthy body.  If you want it enough, you WILL make time and put in the effort.

There isn’t a quick method to get to this stage.  It’s a long time of eating moderately healthy meals.  Exercise is important, but what is more important is the food we consume.

This IS attainable if you are willing to put in the sustained effort.  Don’t let the body positive LIARS fool you.

Wishing you fun,


Shrimp, onions, eggs – 2 ways

I’ve written about various recipes used for lamb; in this entry, I’ll show you 2 recipes using just shrimp, onions and eggs!  Fewer ingredients means easier and less complicated cooking.  All you need is to stock your kitchen with spices, sauces and good cooking boozes! 😛  Wines, sherry and ales really enhance the flavour of food.


First, a gorgeous frittata.  My man prefers the eggs to not be too cooked, so I left the top slightly runny.  Melt butter at medium heat and mix in some good old teriyaki sauce.  Fry the julienned onions for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Stir in the shrimp, then season with mixed herbs and Japanese red pepper.

Once the shrimp has turned pink and the onions softened, lower the heat to the lowest setting and stir in enough beaten eggs to cover the mixture.  Cover your skillet and let the eggs set.  Serve immediately once you’re satisfied with the done-ness of your eggs.  Voila!


The second involves the almost identical cooking process.  The only differences lie in the condiments used and the number of eggs.  Instead of teriyaki sauce, mix the melted butter with Japanese shoyu.  Substitute ground black pepper for the Japanese red pepper.  Once the shrimp and onion are cooked, stir in eggs and stir like you would for scrambled eggs.

There you have it.  Healthy eating doesn’t need to be an obsession.  It’s actually pretty delicious!

Wishing you fun,


‘You can’t handle me!’ scream the feminists

Have you come across quotes like these?

Familiar, hey?  These are quotes feminists or *eh hem* ‘strong, independent women’ frequently use to shame men who prefer feminine women.  If you bother to Google them, there’re tons of ’empowering messages’ out there, urging women to be even bolder, louder and…………

Well, more unpleasant, really.

Feminists spend long hours writing thesis after thesis and e-article after e-article, wondering why feminism and feminists have such a bad rep.  If, instead of spending so much time banging on their keyboards and churning out useless write-ups so as to prove their intelligence, they do some self-reflection, perhaps the answer would be crystal clear to them, like how it is to us.

I have yet to meet a nice feminist who doesn’t freely spew vitriol and insults.  Evidence of this bizarre and belligerent behaviour is strewn all over the comments section of online articles and the Manosphere.  It’s their behaviour, their warped beliefs and attention-seeking lifestyles that ruin their own image and the feminist movement.

And they only have themselves to blame for it.

If they cannot interact with normal human beings in a peaceful and calm manner, they don’t deserve any support for their movement.

Wishing you fun,


Body Positivity – fit men are shallow

Sometime in July, there was a woman who wrote an open letter to a gentleman who she met on Tinder and they went on a date.  The date went well and they enjoyed themselves.  However, she was shattered when, while she was on another date with another guy, she received a text from this gentleman.  He rejected her.

Her story went viral.  There was massive outpouring of sympathy because this woman was rejected for her weight.  The poor man, who’d made an effort to explain to her as kindly as possible the reasons for his rejection, was shamed and vilified.

You know what?  Rejection happens ALL THE DAMN TIME.  If there isn’t sufficient chemistry, if either party doesn’t feel THE SPARK, then the result is rejection.  Personally, I don’t think the gentleman was an asshole.  One can tell from his text that HE TRIED TO BE NICE.

But no.  People need to crucify him just because of that 1 small transgression.  Rejection due to her weight.  If it’d been about her personality, it would’ve been rejection all the same.  This isn’t utopia.  We live in reality.  Rejection always happens, so get over it already!

So now I come to the second bit.  Larger women complaining about rejection from fit men.  Now there’re varying levels of fitness, so I’m not sure what kind they’re talking about, but I’m assuming they’re guys with reasonable fitness and not the buff Greek god gym bunnies.


I’ll give it to you straight.  Reasonably fit guys prefer to be with a partner who has something in common with them.  They eat well and they exercise.  If you have unhealthy habits, you’ll be less than supportive of his efforts.  Imagine the number of disagreements throughout the relationship!

My man isn’t a gym bunny but he takes care of himself.  So do I.  When he’s feeling lazy, I roll him off the couch so we can do some activity together.  He trusts me to monitor his health and nutrition when preparing meals.  Instead of disagreeing over food, I try to strike a balance between his tastes and the benefits from food.

Because he can rely on me for discipline, it frees his mind and time for work.  When he gets home, there’s a hot and tasty dinner made from fresh ingredients waiting for him.  When we travel and indulge in lots of delicious food, we hit the treadmills together.  There isn’t any sulking nor whining, we just change and head to the gym.

Reasonably fit men want the same.  And if we’re talking about the buff gym bunnies with the bodies of Greek gods, it’s going to be helluva stricter.  If you’re not prepared to adapt to his lifestyle, there’re only going to be many unpleasant arguments again.  Which guy would want to sign up for this?

So please, ladies.  Be a little more realistic.  If you think you can compliment the lifestyles of the Greek gods you want, then go for it.  But if you can’t, then don’t accuse them of being shallow for rejecting you because – whilst appearance is partly to do with it – your different lifestyles will only clash too much in the long run.

I know myself; to expect to get together with Mr Hunkalicious Gym Bunny is unrealistic.  I tend to do things in moderation and enjoy the flexibility of a more relaxed way of healthy living.  Why complain that I can’t land Brad Pitt (ohmigawd, drool forever!) when my man and I complement each other?

Adjusting our expectations is just common sense when it comes to relationships, yah?

Wishing you fun,


Japanese garlic fried rice

On a whim, I suggested buying Japanese rice so that I could cook garlic fried rice.  My man readily agreed!  We spoke about it before and he mentioned how much he missed eating it.  So I googled how to cook Japanese rice online and, also, the garlic fried rice recipe.  I tweaked it a little, as is the usual practice, to suit his palate 😛


Looks yummy, right? : )  So here’s the recipe.

To cook the rice:

Rinse 1 cup of rice grains 3 to 4 times till the water runs clear.  Add 1 cup of chicken stock, 1 tablespoon of Japanese shoyu and 1.5 tablespoons of mirin.  Stir through and cook.  When the rice is fluffy, set aside to cool, or preferably overnight.

To cook the garlic fried rice:

Beat 2 eggs, stir in the cooked rice and let it sit.  In the meantime, melt 2 cubes of butter in your skillet, mix in a little shoyu and mirin and fry 1 tablespoon chopped garlic, 1 chopped chilli padi and chopped spring onions for 1 to 2 minutes.  Add peeled shrimp and fry till pink.

Next, stir in the eggy rice, add more mirin and shoyu and mix thoroughly.  Once the egg is cooked, serve.  Voila!

 Wishing you fun,