Mapo tofu again!

There’re many ways to vary a dish such that it doesn’t taste the same all the time : )  This is how I manage to keep my man satisfied during mealtimes 😛  Besides ensuring he eats as healthily as possible and lessening his stress after work by teasing and playing, I also give hugs, kisses and cuddles.  It makes him look forward to ending work for the day and spending time with me instead : )

It helps that I don’t enjoy nagging and he does his part by fulfilling at least some of his duties everyday so that I won’t need to nag at him.  It helps keep things peaceful between us.  Now, for this variation of mapo tofu, the same ingredients are used – egg tofu, minced pork and diced mushrooms.  The procedure is the same as stated in my previous entry.

Remember to always fry the meat in garlic till fragrant! : )

The difference lies in the seasoning.  To add taste, I used sambal, chicken stock and Chinese rice wine.  The pork was already marinated in oyster sauce overnight before cooking : )


It’s so satisfying to know that my man enjoys dinner after working so hard.  What do feminists know? 😛

Wishing you fun,



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