Fat friends

Far from being a fat shamer, I don’t go out of my way to make the overweight miserable.  There’re better ways to occupy my time than to engage in mean and malicious behaviour.  It’s more fun to cook and watch movies with my man than taunt fat people about their appearance and health.

It doesn’t mean the people labelled ‘concern trolls’ are wrong; I just don’t see the need to talk about obesity when there’re already enough of them trying their best to educate the Fat Acceptance/HAES movement members.  Arguing with those who refuse to be logical is just a waste of time.

I’ve also met some really nice fat folks and count them amongst my friends.  They’re really gentle teddy bears with a ready smile and happy to interact with anyone.  They also readily admit that they love food too much, so nobody is disgusted by their denial.  Thus, although it’s not my place to condemn fat shamers, it’s not something I want to do.


However, whilst there’re nice fat people, there’re also those who aren’t.  I’ve encountered vile, malicious and spiteful loony bins, as well as the most self-centred morons, ever.  It’s true when some declare that fatties are selfish; it’s just that they omitted to include that many aren’t.  In politically-correct societies controlled and dominated by loud-mouthed feminists, this is practically a crime *roll eyes*

Anyhoo, I’m going to talk about 1 of the nasty fatties.  Surprise, surprise, it isn’t a woman.  It’s a guy named Danny, who, over the years, broke up 1 of my most beloved group of friends.  Slowly and gradually, the girls and guys stopped turning up for our gatherings.  Slowly and gradually, they backed away.

At first I wondered why.  After 8 years of friendship, I reluctantly had to leave as well.  It was a shame because Vicky, his wife, was a very close friend and the reason I stayed for as long as I had.


He always wanted junk food and sulked if the rest didn’t want to eat it.  He would impose his eating habits and preferences on the rest of us.  In short, he dominated the entire group of friends.  If we refused to budge, he would throw massive temper tantrums and become ridiculously difficult.

There’re some nice fat people and some nasty ones.  Unfortunately, Danny belonged to the latter group.  Nobody liked him.  And it explains why the couple has to change their circle of friends every few years.

Wishing you fun,



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