Tracyeinny clothes and prawn and orange salad with ginger dressing

More clothes for skinny ladies : )  Tracyeinny is another local favourite with young women looking for sexy, modern clothes.  Measurements are provided online, so it’s easier for customers to gauge sizes before making their purchases.  From ultra girly tops and skirts to slim dresses, there’s plenty to choose from and at very affordable prices too!

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So those of you who’ve been ungraciously labelled ‘toothpick’, ‘bag of bones’, ‘stick’ and ‘twig’, take heart.  Those who insult you with such derogatory terms can’t wear these and look anywhere as good as you do and they know it.  Jealousy is the reason for their malice and spite.

If you’re keen to check out the tops and bottoms (I LOVE dresses, so that’s what I tend to share), click on the link and browse to your hearts’ content! : )

Now for an easy dish that we love.  I used navel oranges for this as they tend to be juicier and sweeter than local oranges.  Peel the skin off the orange and remove the seeds from the segments.  Leave them in the fridge to chill.  In the meantime, cut large tiger prawns into 3 pieces each.

Melt a little butter and fry chopped ginger.  For the sauce, mix together fish sauce and vinegar till you get a nice mix of tangy saltiness.  Let the ginger soak in the sauce so that the flavour seeps in too.  Finally, add the prawns and cook till the pieces turn red.  Once done, add Chinese rice wine and pour over the orange segments.


The sauce complements the salad very well! : )


Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46


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