More Fat/Body Acceptance and HAES lies

I’ve decided to call the Fat/Body Acceptance and HAES Movement members who spread lies the LIARS.  There’re 2 strawman arguments they use as a smoke screen to prevent their other members from embracing a healthier lifestyle and as a means of shutting dissenters up.  Here they are:

We need to be anorexic before society will accept us.

We’re actually enjoying our lives, instead of those who lead healthy lifestyles.

On both counts…………


Nobody is asking them to be anorexic.  Nobody asked them to starve themselves to the brink of death.  It’s widely acknowledged that anorexia and its other forms, such as bulimia, are dangerous to health.  Slim people don’t purely exist on lettuce leaves and salads.  Fitness professionals aside, the rest of us have a lot of leeway when it comes to our diets and the food we consume.

Also, nobody is asking them to be obsessed with exercise and calorie-counting.  They don’t need to live in the gym.  These gross exaggerations are harmful to their members, particularly those who’re more easily swayed by the more influential and some of these LIARS are very influential in the cyber world indeed!


This is what I eat for a meal.  Most people don’t starve eating such portions.  In fact, it keeps them at a healthy weight.


2 people sharing all this delicious fresh food.  Neither of us is anorexic.


I even have late night suppers of fried chicken legs.  This is NOT starving.


A mid-morning snack of tomato and basil soup.  Starving???  Hardly!

Now they’ll throw in another lie:


Bullshit.  My childhood and teenage years are long behind me.  If I didn’t power walk on a regular basis, there’s NO WAY I would be able to stay this size.  I don’t even go to the gym all that often, unless my man decides to whisk me away on a quick weekend getaway and we have the time to use the hotel gym!

And during those times when we pig out like maniacs, of course we need to work off those calories!


Otherwise, the regular power walking is enough to shed those pesky calories.  I don’t even need to use the treadmill for that.  Just a 30-minute fast walk at the park near my home, or even whilst shopping!  The latter is even more enjoyable because, whilst browsing in shop after shop, I’m unconsciously burning up the food I eat without bulking up like a man.

So no, you don’t need to starve and become an anorexic.  No, you don’t need expensive gym memberships.  All you need are a pair of socks and decent walking shoes.  Sure, these cost money, but if you don’t fill your entire table with KFC or Pizza Hut junk for a meal, you’ll soon set aside enough for them.

So there you have it.  Not everyone is built the same.  Some have larger bones.  I have a very petite bone structure.  All we need to do is eat fresh and healthy.  There’re so many fresh food choices we can eat that are affordable and nutritious.  You’ll feel lighter, more cleansed and less lethargic.

Love your body, by all means.  But nourish it like you claim you love it.  Don’t believe those LIARS and the lies they perpetuate because you can do so much better for yourself and lead better quality lives for your loved ones.

I wish you well.

Wishing you fun,



5 thoughts on “More Fat/Body Acceptance and HAES lies

  1. OMG….by pure coincidence, I have been following you on disqus for months before we met on here.
    I guess we really think the same way. I love your blog and your comments on disqus. Keep on writing!


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