Help!!! Molest!!! :P

Well, ok, not technically.  I asked my man to help me take a photo when he whisked me off on a quick getaway from Singapore, but he decided that we should take a selfie together.  Because we like a little fun, we posed in a way that looks as though he was molesting me and I was utterly shocked 😛


What can I say?  We love to play and have fun 😛  Like any couple, we have our lurrrvey durrrvey moments, but he appreciates that I’m not the overly-sensitive type that needs to be hugged and kissed constantly or is needy or clingy.  Having fun and being goofy together makes life much more fun : )







Yes, we eat VERY well when abroad.  And A LOT 😛  We also indulge in beerbeerbeerbeerbeer 😛  So the hotel gyms are a must-have, especially those wonderful treadmills for power walking.  Don’t know what we would do without those!  At least they save us from gaining too much weight!


It’s been some time that we’ve been together now and we’re still having a lot of fun together.  This is something ‘strong and independent’ women aka feminists will never understand : )

Wishing you fun,



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