Feminists are wrong

There’s a question I would like to ask every woman:

If you were to always give in a relationship, do everything and not receive any gratitude nor appreciation in return, would you stay?  If you come home, exhausted from a long day at work and your partner is sitting on the couch like a slob with food and beer stains on his singlet, would you stay?

Now if you’re a sane woman, you would reply “Hell no!” or something to that effect, right?  So why blame men for doing the same?  It doesn’t make any sense when feminists and social justice warriors only take a woman’s side when relationships fail; it usually takes 2 hands to clap.  Why not listen to the men’s stories as well?

Men are human beings too and whilst the more masculine ones might be more stoic and less ready to show affection, they nevertheless demonstrate their love in other ways.  Why can’t we reward them with hugs, kisses and cuddles?  Why is it so difficult to make them feel appreciated and cherished?  What is so hard about making an effort on our part as women?


Just because some men don’t show their love the same way we do doesn’t mean that we don’t hold a place in their hearts.  My man doesn’t reach out for my hand very often, but he’ll snuggle close to me on the couch or lie in my lap.  That’s the cue to shower his face, neck, shoulders and chest with caresses!

Instead of simply taking my hand, he holds his out and lets me slip mine in his.  Then he doesn’t let go.  Even as we fall asleep.  He loves it when I wake and call out to him if he isn’t beside me.  Even if he’s in the midst of doing something, he’ll rush back to my side, especially if I sound distressed.  And of course, he gets hugs!  That’s when he’ll hug me back and smile : )

Sure, I could complain that he isn’t affectionate nor romantic.  And yes, occasionally I ask why he can’t show more affection.  But after we talk about it, I can see him trying.  The effort is enough.  We cannot demand perfection when we’re hardly perfect ourselves.  Besides, he’s been so supportive all this while.

Why do women need to be so stingy and calculating with our love?  More importantly, if we don’t like it, why should we expect men to accept it?

Is it fair?

Is it true equality?

I beg to differ.

Wishing you fun,



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