Dim sum mania!!!

Sin Yee, a cousin who’s the same age as me, first knew Antho when he joined the law firm she was leaving.  I then got acquainted with him in 2006 and we haven’t looked back since.  A brilliant lawyer who became a partner at 38 (it’s quite an achievement, at least in Singapore) and who’s only gotten more well known with time, he’s also a fun person to spend time with and a good friend : )

So we decided to catch up over lunch.  We were supposed to explore a new restaurant, but changed our minds at the last minute and had dim sum *gasp, no leaves nor carrot sticks* at Jade at Fullerton Hotel.  The restaurant is famous for their tasty morsels and there’s a waiting list of 2 months for table reservations on weekends! :O

That’s what I heard anyway…


It’s really weird when I read Fat Acceptance and HAES articles about having to feel hungry all the time or starving if one wants to lose weight.  Nobody is demanding that they drop the weight immediately.  If everyone thought like that, no wonder people keep saying that diets don’t work.


The problem is that the FAM and HAES members think losing weight and getting healthy happen at a snap of the fingers.  When the numbers on the scales aren’t dropping as quickly as they’d like, they give up and either try another diet only to not stick with it or simply give up altogether.

Worst of all, they then lie to everyone else, especially impressionable young girls that diets don’t work and involve starvation.  WRONG.


Is this starvation?


Is this starvation?


This?!  It’s half of a damn fish FOR ONE PERSON!!!


For the record, we had seafood soup, 1 deep fried soon hock (that’s the fish), roast pork and tasty, yummy, heavenly dim sum.  The reputation Jade enjoys for its dim sum is justified.  The high expectations we had for our meal were met and then some!  The restaurant serves the most delicious wu gok, or deep fried yam with meat and mushroom filling.

The yam was soft, creamy and fluffy and the outside, lightly crisp.  It was so good that we ordered another portion!


All you need to do is cut out unhealthy junk and fill your trunk with fresh, wholesome food.  Eating well helps you avoid lethargy and you feel mentally alert.  It’s far more beneficial than overly processed food!  Yes, not everyone is destined to be supermodel gorgeous.  Neither am I.  Yet, despite feminists and their mangina white knights trying to insult my appearance because I don’t agree with their views, it doesn’t dent my confidence one bit.

You know why?  Because I take care of my body and eat well.  Don’t believe their lies.  Do something for yourself and have your own mind.  You’ll find that along the way, you’ll make new friends who’re on the same journey as you are and they’re supportive of the positive changes you make!

Wishing you fun,



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