Why body positivity isn’t working the way it should

There’s so much whining online about certain bodies not being represented in the media.  Well, boo hoo hoo, no sympathy for you!  Here’s why I think the body positive movement is ridiculous and total crap.  This is because the women who participate in such movements and call themselves ‘activists’ are still seeking validation, admiration and approval from external sources.

Such an attitude only leads to increased demands and expectations and leaves them disappointed when those aren’t met.  Isn’t body positivity about loving ourselves and our bodies?  Then why are we telling the world to love them when we should work on telling ourselves that in the first place?  We can’t control the world; but we can control ourselves and do the best we can.

2015-05-09 00.45.22

My body isn’t represented in the media either.  Snarky fleshy women say that those of my body type lack boobs, look anorexic, resemble twigs and 12-year-old twigs, yadda yadda yadda.  Should I cry into my pillow every night?  No!  And I don’t!  I make the most of what I’ve been blessed with and go out feeling confident every single day.  This is why the body positive movement contradicts itself – it’s still about seeking external validation for our bodies.

Yes, people can say I have thin privilege.  People can say that I don’t suffer the level of prejudice they suffer.  However, they’d be missing the point.  What is crucial is for women to understand that everybody has opinions about our bodies.  If we don’t love our bodies and feel sexy, then we’ll only continue to seek validation externally.  If that validation, admiration and approval isn’t forthcoming, it makes us miserable.

So go ahead and love yourselves and leave the media people to what they do best.  Leave the models to what they do best.  If you’re happy with yourself, there’s no need to declare it to the world.  I certainly don’t.  All the validation, admiration and approval I need, can be found within myself.

That, is body positivity.

Sure, there’re people who think I’m a bitch for saying this, but I don’t care.  If it helps just 1 more woman feel good about herself, then this entry would have accomplished what I set out to do.

Wishing you fun,



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