Indulgence at Johor Bahru

We’re lucky that Johor Bahru is just a drive into our neighbouring country.  Somewhat like driving interstate in the US, Australia and Europe, we can take off and visit Malaysia whenever we feel like it.  There was a day I took leave from work for a short break.  My man decided that we should enter Johor Bahru for some shopping and good food!





We ate so much.

So the garbage sold by the HAES and Fat Acceptance Movements is categorically false.  Slim folks don’t starve.  Slim folks are not miserable surviving on lettuce leaves.  We actually DO eat.  In fact, this is 1 of my favourite indulgences and I’m sure to eat it every single day!


Especially delicious when savoured right out of the jar 😛

Johor Bahru is a must-visit if anyone decides to visit Singapore.  The shopping is good too!  I love buying stuff from there that isn’t available in Singapore so there’s less of a possibility bumping into somebody wearing the exact same thing 😛  Hopefully there will be another visit soon!

Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46

#healthateverysize #bodypositive #fatspo #everybodyisbeautiful #effyourbeautystandards


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