Fishy fishy goodness!

These photos were omitted from the Batam Feasting entry, so, rather than edit it, I decided to create a fresh entry for them to illustrate that eating fresh food doesn’t necessarily mean a boring diet of non-stop veggies and fruit and little else.  In fact, you can still have meat and have tasty, filling meals!


My man and I eat sashimi on a regular basis.  He bought this from Sushi Tei, a popular joint in Singapore and which opened in Batam not long ago, opposite Swiss-Inn Hotel!  I’m a huge fan of fatty salmon belly! ❤  Salmon oils are also rich sources of omega 3 oils, proven to be really good for health!


Cod is another fatty fish that we love.  When grilled with fragrant teriyaki sauce, it’s nothing short of heavenly!  Boy did we enjoy this!  My man, bless him, knows that I love the skin and fats of fish, so he always peels these off for me before eating the fish meat.  He always lets me have the best parts of everything : )


Feminists love to label men as misogynists and ask where all the good men went.  Well, if they’re unfairly accused of things they’re not guilty of, why should they treat you nicely?  It’s something that feminists will never grasp.  Let them wage war and disparage us traditional women.  We’re still getting along peacefully with men!

Wishing you fun,



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