Herbal soup and Shop La Bella Vita clothes

My man had been very worried as I was under a lot of mental strain when a beloved family member was very ill.  So he took me to a restaurant specialising in various herbal soups, hoping that they would restore my vitality and health.  The establishment has been around for decades, according to a colleague who dined there when she was a little girl and she’s in her 40s now.


They still retain the furnishings of old.  Just look at the tiles, the calligraphy and that clock! 😀


Quite a decent crowd despite the fact that we arrived early.


My collagen soup and yam rice.


And warm barley drink!


Back to check out Shop La Bella Vita.  My man loves their soft cropped tops!  I wear them to lounge around at home, together with cute little boy shorts!  They come in a variety of colours too!  Have your measurements on hand, because vanity sizing hasn’t reached all our stores yet.

They’re stretchy and comfortable too!

I got my adorable red shorts from them too!


Wishing you fun,



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