Gluttony and Kissable Bella clothes

12 of us headed to King Louis Grill and Bar at Level 3, Vivocity, for a foodie session.  We shared some delightfully sinful platters in addition to our mains.  Good grief, by the end of it all, I was sooooooooooooooo stuffed and lethargic!  This is the reason I don’t indulge in gluttony of this scale often at all.


Oink #1 – platter of calamari rings, onion rings, chicken wings, hotdogs, small salad and much more.


Oink #2 – gawd I lurrrve truffle fries!!! ❤


Oink #3 – my creamy pumpkin soup


Oink #4 – my smoked duck salad.  HUGE!!!

I felt so ill after gorging like a rhinoceros that I absolutely REFUSE to eat like this for a very, VERY long time!!!  It’s not that I don’t enjoy food; food is a pleasure that we all love.  However, over-eating to the point of feeling stuffed isn’t exactly a sensation I enjoy.  Nor do I care for the lethargy afterwards.  Bleah.


It’s been awhile since I wrote about clothes, hey?  So here’s another Asian e-retailer, Kissable Bella : )  As mentioned in a previous entry, there’re so many gorgeous and affordably-priced clothes in Asia that we’re spoiled for choice!  Also, there’s less possibility of bumping into someone who’s wearing the same thing.

*RESTOCKED* Crochet Eyelet Slouchy Top

*BACKORDER* Shoe Laced Up Basic (White)

*RESTOCKED*  Cali Crochet Off Shoulder Top (White)

*BACKORDER* Criss Cross Laced Up Dress (Black)

Especially adore the girly lace-up detail.  Very tempted to reach for my purse 😛

Low Back Halter (White)

*BACKORDER* Floral Crochet Bare Playsuit

*BACKORDER* Zigzag crochet bare playsuit

*BACKORDER* Cross back stripes playsuit (Black)

Want to see more?  Then click on the link : )  I hope to show you more gorgeous clothes.  But it’s also worthwhile to check out the new arrivals in my favourite websites too! : )

Wishing you fun,



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