Westerners are being censored!

That’s right!  In Asia, we know America talks about human rights and freedom of speech.  Heck, their politicians even spoke to our late and great Mr Lee Kuan Yew about it before.  Here, even protests are organised.  There is a designated area at Hong Lim Park for these to be held.  In contrast, America is the land of the free.

But in recent years, something happened to change all that.  Suddenly, Americans, the British, Australians and some New Zealanders are being censored.  Opinions can no longer be freely articulated.  Even platforms which advocated free speech banned sub-groups because 1 special snowflake group was ‘oppressed’ or ‘attacked’ or ‘harrassed’.

I’m looking at you, Ellen Pao.

‘We feminists/social justice warriors must protect the fat/body positive and HAES members’ precious fee fees at all costs!!!  ALL COSTS!!!  Because… misogyny and unrealistic beauty standards!!!  RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!’

In order to silence those who call them out on their lies about healthy eating and diets, they label them ‘concern trolls’, ‘haters’ and ‘fat shamers’.  They insinuate garbage about their personalities, insult these folks and are completely rude, aggressive and unnecessarily belligerent.  In their sick, twisted minds, they’re ‘fighting back’.

So began the move to shame Protein World.

So began the move to shame men who prefer slim women.

So began the move to redefine beauty standards.

So began the shaming of slimmer bodies and mothers.

Oh dearie me.  Just look at the hypocrisy!!!  They’re doing what they accuse so-called fat shamers of doing – SHAMING!!!  For shame, you police watchdogs, for shame!!!  Shame shame shame shame SHAME ON YOU!!!

‘You hater!  You’re disagreeing with our agenda and the protection of fee fees, you sad, sad retard!!!’

We’d never thought we would see this day, where America, the land of the free, is now having its freedom of speech curbed.

‘They must be stopped, the horrific patriarchy and misogynists!  At ALL COSTS because we need to protect the fee fees!’

What sad times they live in.

Wishing you fun (wishing them luck too!),



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