Mackerel and eggplant

There’re some friends I’d love to catch up with more often, but don’t.  There’s a valid reason for this.  I’m a foodie, but not the type who enjoys eating a lot.  Instead, I prefer to eat mostly fresh food in decent quantities.  These friends belong to a different type of foodie category.  They love food and eating larger quantities of it.

Because they enjoy eating more, they frequently encourage dining companions to indulge in more pizza, more cake, more whatever it is they’re eating.  When I decline, their displeasure is immediately apparent.  It’s most unpleasant because I don’t tell them to eat less.  Shouldn’t the respect for their freedom be reciprocated?

They’re nice people, but I’d rather eat with similarly disciplined folks because it’s more pleasant.  No feathers are ruffled simply because I choose to skip dessert.  Eating with my other friends less frequently helps avoid awkward situations where they’re displeased by my eating habits.

It means that Yen Ling and I don’t get invited to day trips across the border to Johor Bahru when some of the team take leave to drive there for a full day of feasting.  From what we heard, they overeat and end up stuffed to the brim.  Why torment themselves like that?  I’ll never know.  Yet, neither of us regrets our decision to be sensible about our meals.

Food tastes good, but isn’t as important to us as shopping.  So even if we joined them, we would split up for our own activities.  We would also refuse to eat more even if the rest urge us to take a little bit more.  The difference is, we can buy a wider variety of clothes and feel confident wearing them.

It seems that our situation isn’t uncommon.  Women who’ve slimmed down or who are losing weight find themselves in the same situation and voice their annoyance.  So my solution is, just eat less with those friends, colleagues and family members.  Find some other activity to do with them.


Mackerel, salmon, cod, sea bass, eel and silver pomfret are my favourite fish.  They’re very fatty, tender and sooooooo very delicious!  Mackerel, like salmon, is packed with Omega-3 goodness.  So we had some, together with eggplant, 1 of our favourite veggies.

We prepared the mackerel by poking holes in it and adding Japanese seasoning – soba sauce, mirin and Japanese red pepper.  Then we left it in the fridge to marinade for hours.  Heat butter in a pan and fry the eggplant till semi-soft, stirring in stock to prevent the butter from drying out.  Season with more mirin, soba sauce and Japanese red pepper, then set aside.

Heat fresh butter on medium heat, then fry the mackerel till cooked through.  Serve immediately with the eggplant. #haes #bodypositive #thinprivilege


Wishing you fun,



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