Healthy snacks and the Fat Acceptance/HAES idiots

Fat Acceptance and HAES movements keep spreading lies about healthy eating and, when confronted with facts, resort to the following phrases:

‘We don’t owe it to anyone to be healthy.’

‘Our health is none of your business.’

Well, wake up, dreamers.  Nobody owes it to you to censor their thoughts and opinions AND our thoughts and opinions are none of your business either.

Just to be clear.  I’m not targeting fat/obese people in general.  But I do have an issue with the FAM and HAES members, who’re the rudest and most delusional human beings on this planet.  Perhaps, if they – and their equally idiotic feminist, social justice warrior and mangina white knights – want Utopia where everyone has to be soooooo politically correct and censor themselves, they could consider moving to the moon?  Or Mars?


When you’re feeling peckish?  A cup of buttered corn.

The fact is, I DO have fat friends.  If I were really the fat shamer these online police watchdogs think I am, I wouldn’t be enjoying the friendships of these warm-hearted, humorous people.  What FAM and HAES do, is project THEIR own self hatred on those who simply state something WITHOUT any malice.


Just in case you forget, here’s proof.  And there’s further proof in my older entries too.

In order to shut dissenters up, they’ll resort to name-calling, insults and insinuating untrue stuff about the dissenters’ personalities.  Is it nice to spread lies just to make themselves feel better?  Sit your self-righteous bodies down before you make yourselves look even more irrational and delusional.

Accept that not everyone who disagrees with your lies is a fat shamer/nasty person/ugly on the inside and outside/other assorted garbage.  Not everyone goes out of their way to be unkind to the obese.  And for goodness’ sake, everyone has the right to say how they feel and not be policed!


People are angry with the FAM and HAES members, as well as their enablers – hello, mangina white knights, feminists and SJWs!!! *wave wave* – because they’re shouty, they’re mean and nasty, they’re aggressive, they spread lies, they police everybody’s opinions and, frequently, they’re fugly on the inside and outside.


A small pack of milk

I also wonder when they speak of their partners/family members/friends who they label ‘sizeist’.  They state that these partners/family members/friends comment on other obese folks but then turn around and tell them that they’re not fat.  Well, what do you expect?  Of course they would rather tell you what you want to hear than risk being subjected to childish temper tantrums and tears.

This is the extent of the FAM and HAES members’ delusion.  Most would rather not commit ear suicide and would rather say something not to jar their over-sensitive feeeeeeeelings.  Given the extent of online policing of opinions and thoughts nowadays, can they be blamed for censoring themselves?


Spicy shrimp and broccoli scramble

It all boils down to sheer arrogance and FAM and HAES members are extremely arrogant.  People dislike that.  It’s not your weight, it’s not your size, it’s your horrible attitude – or ‘fattitude’, as you like to call it – that poses a HUGE problem.  Want to wear cute clothes?  Who’s stopping you?  Want to feel confident?  Who’s stopping you?

But you DO NOT have the right to tell people what to think and say.


A bowl of tom yum soup

Contrary to what the FAM and HAES members would have you believe, most people aren’t unkind to the obese.  We simply mind our own business day to day.  As if we aren’t busy enough.  But when our thoughts and opinions are being policed, then it becomes our problem.  A HUGE problem.

I have fat friends who dress well and who’re very attractive.  They’re so confident that they don’t project it onto others.  They don’t try to censor their friends, nor their nearest and dearest.  Sure, sometimes their feelings may be hurt, but they’re self-assured enough not to make a huge mountain out of a molehill.


Late night supper of salmon sashimi

You know what?  These women enjoy respect.  A LOT of it.  HUGE AMOUNTS of it.  It’s ironic that they receive it when they don’t expect nor demand it.  They simply go about their lives being confident, happy, joyful and humorous.  They don’t whine, they… quite simply… live.

These women have friends of all shapes and sizes because they don’t demand acceptance, love, that everybody must be sooooooooo careful about what they say.  They don’t insult, they don’t become aggressive, they’re not nasty, mean nor arrogant.  They’re humble, sweet and pleasant to be around.


Late night supper of soft-boiled eggs with dark soy sauce and pepper

These FAM and HAES loony bins believe that they must fight and challenge and, because of this belligerent attitude, they attract tons of negative attention and label dissenters ‘haters’.  It takes 2 hands to clap, however.  You don’t go around being idiots and expect acceptance and love.  Wake up.

More importantly, GROW UP.

The world doesn’t revolve around you and it shouldn’t.  Nobody is obligated to censor themselves for your sakes.  The sooner you realise this, the more acceptance and respect you’ll receive, just as my friends do.  They’re overweight, they’re happy and they truly live like they are.  We believe them.  And we like them.


Digestive biscuits smothered with peanut butter, heavenly when cold

If you are truly confident as you say…

If you’re truly happy as you say…

Then anybody else’s opinions and thoughts just roll off your back.  You and your camp have insulted my personality, my appearance and my body and I know you’ll continue to do so.  Does it leave me in tears at night?  No.  Does it prevent me from going out feeling my best everyday?  No.

And you know why?

I make an effort to love my body and that includes eating clean, healthy, fresh food.  Something that many of you don’t.  I accept my body, flaws and all.

Try doing the same.  You’ll end up nicer and really happier people.

Wishing you fun,



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