Mapo tofu again!

There’re many ways to vary a dish such that it doesn’t taste the same all the time : ) ¬†This is how I manage to keep my man satisfied during mealtimes ūüėõ ¬†Besides ensuring he eats as healthily as possible and lessening his stress after work by teasing and playing, I also give hugs, kisses and cuddles. ¬†It makes him look forward to ending work for the day and spending time with me instead : )

It helps that I don’t enjoy nagging and he does his part by fulfilling at least some of his duties everyday so that I won’t need to nag at him. ¬†It helps keep things peaceful between us. ¬†Now, for this variation of mapo tofu, the same ingredients are used – egg tofu, minced pork and diced mushrooms. ¬†The procedure is the same as stated in my previous entry.

Remember to always fry the meat in garlic till fragrant! : )

The difference lies in the seasoning.  To add taste, I used sambal, chicken stock and Chinese rice wine.  The pork was already marinated in oyster sauce overnight before cooking : )


It’s so satisfying to know that my man enjoys dinner after working so hard. ¬†What do feminists know? ūüėõ

Wishing you fun,



Adorable pink cooking ware and laksa yong tau foo!

It all started when Guo Ming brought me to Kallang Leisure Park for lunch on a Friday after a long and exhausting meeting.  He wanted somewhere quiet and uncrowded so we could have a relaxing lunch.  It was my first time back to a teenage hangout and there are so many changes to the place!

So here’s Guo Ming after changing his hairstyle. ¬†He’s not used to the new hair colour and covered his face when I pointed the phone camera at him! ūüėõ


He’s just TOO adorable! ¬†No wonder he’s a hit with both ladies and dudes alike in the office! ¬†Girls hit on him a lot because he’s not only good-looking but dresses well too. ¬†His pleasant disposition and kind heart make him extremely popular with everyone. ¬†It’s just nice to be around him : )


The laksa yong tau foo here is even more delicious than my usual one at Great World City! ¬†For S$4.50, one gets to choose 6 items. ¬†It doesn’t seem like a lot until you see how large each item is. ¬†After finishing a bowl, I was completely stuffed. ¬†Here, take a look at just¬†HALF A PIECE OF BRINJAL.


Now imagine eating 12 pieces of this!!! ¬†That’s 6 items for you. ¬†Usually, I choose brinjal, carrot, radish and an egg for protein.

Anyway, I was quite keen to check out the shops at the newly revamped small shopping centre but there wasn’t enough time after lunch. ¬†So, over the weekend, I returned with my man in tow. ¬†He ate the stewed chicken, Chinese sausage and mushroom dish that Guo Ming tried and found it very delicious and value for money too! ¬†I just HAD to eat the laksa yong tau foo again ūüėõ


Mini skirts are a must have in one’s wardrobe!

So after lunch, my man and I walked around a bit and entered a Japanese store which has a similar concept to Daiso. ¬†I’d been looking for a new pot and pan for a while, so imagine my delight when I saw a pink set! ¬†The pot and pan measure the same in diameter, so the glass cover fits on both!


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *squeals* ¬†Isn’t it cuuuuuuuuuuute?! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ¬†I just HAD to have it! ¬†So now I’m using them to cook our dinners. ¬†My man is very amused by the love for cutesy kitchenware ūüėõ ¬†But of course! ¬†Which girl doesn’t like cooking with cute pots and pans??? ūüėõ

Wishing you fun,

2015-07-31 09.17.46

Fat friends

Far from being a fat shamer, I don’t go out of my way to make the overweight miserable. ¬†There’re better ways to occupy my time than to engage in mean and malicious behaviour. ¬†It’s more fun to cook and watch movies with my man than taunt fat people about their appearance and health.

It doesn’t mean the people labelled ‘concern trolls’ are wrong; I just don’t see the need to talk about obesity when there’re already enough of them trying their best to educate the Fat Acceptance/HAES movement members. ¬†Arguing with those who refuse to be logical is just a waste of time.

I’ve also met some really nice fat folks and count them amongst my friends. ¬†They’re really gentle teddy bears with a ready smile and happy to interact with anyone. ¬†They also readily admit that they love food too much, so nobody is disgusted by their denial. ¬†Thus, although it’s not my place to condemn fat shamers, it’s not something I want to do.


However, whilst there’re nice fat people, there’re also those who aren’t. ¬†I’ve encountered vile, malicious and spiteful loony bins, as well as the most self-centred morons, ever. ¬†It’s true when some declare that fatties are selfish; it’s just that they omitted to include that many aren’t. ¬†In politically-correct societies controlled and dominated by loud-mouthed feminists, this is practically a crime *roll eyes*

Anyhoo, I’m going to talk about 1 of the nasty fatties. ¬†Surprise, surprise, it isn’t a woman. ¬†It’s a guy named Danny, who, over the years, broke up 1 of my most beloved group of friends. ¬†Slowly and gradually, the girls and guys stopped turning up for our gatherings. ¬†Slowly and gradually, they backed away.

At first I wondered why.  After 8 years of friendship, I reluctantly had to leave as well.  It was a shame because Vicky, his wife, was a very close friend and the reason I stayed for as long as I had.


He always wanted junk food and sulked if the rest didn’t want to eat it. ¬†He would impose his eating habits and preferences on the rest of us. ¬†In short, he dominated the entire group of friends. ¬†If we refused to budge, he would throw massive temper tantrums and become ridiculously difficult.

There’re some nice fat people and some nasty ones. ¬†Unfortunately, Danny belonged to the latter group. ¬†Nobody liked him. ¬†And it explains why the couple has to change their circle of friends every few years.

Wishing you fun,


Tracyeinny clothes and prawn and orange salad with ginger dressing

More clothes for skinny ladies : ) ¬†Tracyeinny¬†is another local favourite with young women looking for sexy, modern clothes. ¬†Measurements are provided online, so it’s easier for customers to gauge sizes before making their purchases. ¬†From ultra girly tops and skirts to slim dresses, there’s plenty to choose from and at very affordable prices too!

06-0115 26-0192

10-0174 04-02622

 07-0185 07-0165

01-0363 11-0158

So those of you who’ve been ungraciously labelled ‘toothpick’, ‘bag of bones’, ‘stick’ and ‘twig’, take heart. ¬†Those who insult you with such derogatory terms can’t wear these and look anywhere as good as you do and they know it. ¬†Jealousy is the reason for their malice and spite.

If you’re keen to check out the tops and bottoms (I LOVE dresses, so that’s what I tend to share), click on the link and browse to your hearts’ content! : )

Now for an easy dish that we love.  I used navel oranges for this as they tend to be juicier and sweeter than local oranges.  Peel the skin off the orange and remove the seeds from the segments.  Leave them in the fridge to chill.  In the meantime, cut large tiger prawns into 3 pieces each.

Melt a little butter and fry chopped ginger.  For the sauce, mix together fish sauce and vinegar till you get a nice mix of tangy saltiness.  Let the ginger soak in the sauce so that the flavour seeps in too.  Finally, add the prawns and cook till the pieces turn red.  Once done, add Chinese rice wine and pour over the orange segments.


The sauce complements the salad very well! : )


Wishing you fun,

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More Fat/Body Acceptance and HAES lies

I’ve decided to call the Fat/Body Acceptance and HAES Movement members who spread lies the LIARS. ¬†There’re 2 strawman arguments they use as a smoke screen to prevent their other members from embracing a healthier lifestyle and as a means of shutting dissenters up. ¬†Here they are:

We need to be anorexic before society will accept us.

We’re actually enjoying our lives, instead of those who lead healthy lifestyles.

On both counts…………


Nobody is asking them to be anorexic. ¬†Nobody asked them to starve themselves to the brink of death. ¬†It’s widely acknowledged that anorexia and its other forms, such as bulimia, are dangerous to health. ¬†Slim people don’t purely exist on lettuce leaves and salads. ¬†Fitness professionals aside, the rest of us have a lot of leeway when it comes to our diets and the food we consume.

Also, nobody is asking them to be obsessed with exercise and calorie-counting. ¬†They don’t need to live in the gym. ¬†These gross exaggerations are harmful to their members, particularly those who’re more easily swayed by the more influential and some of these LIARS are very influential in the cyber world indeed!


This is what I eat for a meal. ¬†Most people don’t starve eating such portions. ¬†In fact, it keeps them at a healthy weight.


2 people sharing all this delicious fresh food.  Neither of us is anorexic.


I even have late night suppers of fried chicken legs.  This is NOT starving.


A mid-morning snack of tomato and basil soup.  Starving???  Hardly!

Now they’ll throw in another lie:


Bullshit. ¬†My childhood and teenage years are long behind me. ¬†If I didn’t power walk on a regular basis, there’s NO WAY I would be able to stay this size. ¬†I don’t even go to the gym all that often, unless my man decides to whisk me away on a quick weekend getaway and we have the time to use the hotel gym!

And during those times when we pig out like maniacs, of course we need to work off those calories!


Otherwise, the regular power walking is enough to shed those pesky calories. ¬†I don’t even need to use the treadmill for that. ¬†Just a 30-minute fast walk at the park near my home, or even whilst shopping! ¬†The latter is even more enjoyable because, whilst browsing in shop after shop, I’m unconsciously burning up the food I eat without bulking up like a man.

So no, you don’t need to starve and become an anorexic. ¬†No, you don’t need expensive gym memberships. ¬†All you need are a pair of socks and decent walking shoes. ¬†Sure, these cost money, but if you don’t fill your entire table with KFC or Pizza Hut junk for a meal, you’ll soon set aside enough for them.

So there you have it. ¬†Not everyone is built the same. ¬†Some have larger bones. ¬†I have a very petite bone structure. ¬†All we need to do is eat fresh and healthy. ¬†There’re so many fresh food choices we can eat that are affordable and nutritious. ¬†You’ll feel lighter, more cleansed and less lethargic.

Love your body, by all means. ¬†But nourish it like you claim you love it. ¬†Don’t believe those LIARS and the lies they perpetuate because you can do so much better for yourself and lead better quality lives for your loved ones.

I wish you well.

Wishing you fun,


Help!!! Molest!!! :P

Well, ok, not technically. ¬†I asked my man to help me take a photo when he whisked me off on a quick getaway from Singapore, but he decided that we should take a selfie together. ¬†Because we like a little fun, we posed in a way that looks as though he was molesting me and I was utterly shocked ūüėõ


What can I say? ¬†We love to play and have fun ūüėõ ¬†Like any couple, we have our lurrrvey durrrvey moments, but he appreciates that I’m not the overly-sensitive type that needs to be hugged and kissed constantly or is needy or clingy. ¬†Having fun and being goofy together makes life much more fun : )







Yes, we eat VERY well when abroad. ¬†And A LOT ūüėõ ¬†We also indulge in beerbeerbeerbeerbeer ūüėõ ¬†So the hotel gyms are a must-have, especially those wonderful treadmills for power walking. ¬†Don’t know what we would do without those! ¬†At least they save us from gaining too much weight!


It’s been some time that we’ve been together now and we’re still having a lot of fun together. ¬†This is something ‘strong and independent’ women aka feminists will never understand : )

Wishing you fun,


Feminists are wrong

There’s a question I would like to ask every woman:

If you were to always give in a relationship, do everything and not receive any gratitude nor appreciation in return, would you stay?  If you come home, exhausted from a long day at work and your partner is sitting on the couch like a slob with food and beer stains on his singlet, would you stay?

Now if you’re a sane woman, you would reply “Hell no!” or something to that effect, right? ¬†So why blame men for doing the same? ¬†It doesn’t make any sense when feminists and social justice warriors only take a woman’s side when relationships fail; it usually takes 2 hands to clap. ¬†Why not listen to the men’s stories as well?

Men are human beings too and whilst the more masculine ones might be more stoic and less ready to show affection, they nevertheless demonstrate their love in other ways. ¬†Why can’t we reward them with hugs, kisses and cuddles? ¬†Why is it so difficult to make them feel appreciated and cherished? ¬†What is so hard about making an effort on our part as women?


Just because some men don’t show their love the same way we do doesn’t mean that we don’t hold a place in their hearts. ¬†My man doesn’t reach out for my hand very often, but he’ll snuggle close to me on the couch or lie in my lap. ¬†That’s the cue to shower his face, neck, shoulders and chest with caresses!

Instead of simply taking my hand, he holds his out and lets me slip mine in his. ¬†Then he doesn’t let go. ¬†Even as we fall asleep. ¬†He loves it when I wake and call out to him if he isn’t beside me. ¬†Even if he’s in the midst of doing something, he’ll rush back to my side, especially if I sound distressed. ¬†And of course, he gets hugs! ¬†That’s when he’ll hug me back and smile : )

Sure, I could complain that he isn’t affectionate nor romantic. ¬†And yes, occasionally I ask why he can’t show more affection. ¬†But after we talk about it, I can see him trying. ¬†The effort is enough. ¬†We cannot demand perfection when we’re hardly perfect ourselves. ¬†Besides, he’s been so supportive all this while.

Why do women need to be so stingy and calculating with our love? ¬†More importantly, if we don’t like it, why should we expect men to accept it?

Is it fair?

Is it true equality?

I beg to differ.

Wishing you fun,