Lamb and pumpkin stew

My man doesn’t enjoy a wide variety of veggies, thus, when making meals, one has to find ways and means to make them palatable to his finicky tastebuds.  He loves meat – especially red meat – so lamb is a staple in our meals.  In order to make dishes more interesting, I vary the sauces and accompanying veggies.

We marinated the lamb mince with red wine, a smidgen of Marmite, mixed herbs and ground black pepper overnight.  Melt butter at medium-high heat and fry the meat till nicely browned.  Set aside, reserving the grease.  Fry the pumpkin, then add stock and let it boil till the pumpkin chunks are tender.


It should look something like this : )  Once the pumpkin has softened, pour in red wine and let it continue to simmer till the liquid is reduced.  Add the lamb back to the mixture, sprinkle mixed herbs and black pepper generously, then turn off heat and serve immediately.



Wishing you fun,



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