Thank you for the memories, Marcus!

Marcus, Yen Ling and I form a trio known as the ‘Piak Piak Triplets’! 😛  What this means will not be discussed in this blog, except the fact that we even have a Whatsapp chat group with this name, where we trade photos and yakkity yak 😛  Sadly, Marcus tendered his resignation 😦  Yen Ling and I decided to buy our triplet a farewell meal at Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery.

The place is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!


Like, WOW??????????


Yen Ling and I happily took photos.  Marcus was also impressed!  Since he was leaving the company in a few days, we naturally had to squeeze in the opportunity to be photographed with him again!  Poor waiter got dragged into our camwhoring efforts *giggles*  He seemed to find us amusing 😛


This was a tad too bright, so the wait staff decided to try 1 more time without us asking!  We love his high standards 😛


All he needed to do was shift his position and VOILA! 😀  We loved the photos! 😀

Wild Honey is on Level 3 of Mandarin Gallery.  The menu boasts tons of breakfast food for all meals! 😀  It’s very popular amongst locals and expats alike, so the crowds were pretty decent on a weekday : )  Here’s my choice – poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, delicate perched on grilled veggies and toast.


Prices might be a bit steeper than other restaurants, but the food is fresh and delicious, the presentation elegant and the classy ambience, divine!  It’s a place I’ll definitely visit again!

Wishing you fun,



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