Fun in the office and corn and lamb frittata!

I was in a sheath dress from Zalora Singapore and feeling great from the compliments my gracious co-workers gave : )  Then I spied Marcus in a pair of spunky pants!  Boy did it help perk up a Monday and those horrid Monday bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuues! 😛


Isn’t he a cutie???!!!  Ms Ah, a long time friend of mine, thinks he’s soooooooooo adorable!  He’s her eye candy for sure!  Lindy offered to capture the moment of fun and Marcus graciously obliged 😛  I think he enjoyed the compliments as well 😛

Lamb again, yeah 😛  My man and I love it 😛  So the lamb is marinated with Guinness, oyster sauce, mixed herbs and ground black pepper overnight.  Melt butter at medium-high heat, then brown some garlic and fry the lamb till nice and browned.  Add canned corn kernels, as well as more oyster sauce, mixed herbs, ground black pepper and Guinness.  Reduce the sauce till it looks like this.


Next, bake the frittata or your wok as stated in my previous frittata entries : )  And there you have it, a delicious and nutritious dinner! : )



Wishing you fun,



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