JobandShop clothes

Whilst I love dresses and wear them often for work and on weekends, separates are still more fun.  They allow us fashionistas to mix and match different items to create our own unique looks for different occasions and to suit varying moods.  Some days, we want to be a little bit girly or alluring or sexy : )

GSS807 outer white  GSS6057 outer white

RQ1771 blouse black $26.20 Sale HLB5306 office top white $18.60

Sale HG5806 blouse white $13.50 Sale HLB2551 blouse $16.90

Sale HG4333 blouse black $16.90 RE67001 coat purple $30.60

Separates facilitate creativity for outfits whereas for dresses, one can only play around with accessories and scarves.  There’s enough variety of tops and bottoms at JobandShop, an online retailer that sells cheap and trendy clothes for work and weekends alike!  You can still look a million bucks on lazy Saturdays and Sundays! : )

GB8015 vest white $17.90 RE1582 coat black $20.50

KHG109 top+skirt   KHG8002 top+skirt white

GSS905 top+skirt white JNS1422 top+skirt $26.00 6039507507883-FL3LVC特1GSS275 top+skirt Sale HBJ5751 top+pants red

I also like 2-piece matching combos that we can wear together like a complete dress or romper and separately with other items in our closets!  If, like me, you love playing dress-up, you’ll also have tons of separates in your wardrobe 😛  At least we’re having more fun with clothes than feminists who’re soooooo paranoid about being objectified 😛

Wishing you fun,



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