Sinful goodness!

Comments sections in articles frequently include remarks such as:

“I probably eat healthier than those skinny girls who can indulge in XXX (insert fatty food of your choice.”

“Skinny girls don’t necessarily have healthy eating habits.”

“Healthy eating is so boring.”

“I’d rather be fat and happy than starve on a lettuce leaf and be miserable.”

Let’s put age aside for the moment.  Now I’m considered slim – or ‘skinny’ according to some #effyourbeautystandards# – and I’ve written about eating salads and healthy protein.  I’ve also written about consuming sinful snacks like sausages and spam.  Here’s a gloriously sinful lunch!


Chris and I caught up at Coffee Club.  We hadn’t seen each other for about a month or 2.  It was definitely time to exchange our news!  1 of the tastiest meals at the cafe is the country pie.  It’s good ol’ chicken chunks and mixed veggies in a creamy sauce, topped with mashed potato and melted mozzarella.

The main comes with a small salad and cheesy toasts : )

Boy is it delicious! 😀

Oh oh oh and all washed down with icy sangria!


So to the body activists and SJWs out there, it isn’t always that slim folks eat more unhealthily than you.  It’s because they may reserve their indulgences to those times they’re out with you so as not to hurt your feelings.  Try not to jump to conclusions about their eating habits, yah? : ) #haes #fatspo #bodypositive #bodyacceptance

Wishing you fun,



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