Wisteria clothes and unagi kabayaki

Wisteria is an online retailer specialising in work dresses.  It updates its stock often, so I love browsing during my free time to see what gorgeous new arrivals there are.  Fat feminists have bullied shops in the US to stock larger sizes and demanded cheap but good quality clothes.  As American women get bigger, their thinner counterparts are oppressed and have fewer clothing options.

Rachel Waist Detail Dress Camel

Everitt Work Dress Fuchsia *Backorder3*

Leanndra Nautical Skater Dress

Meryl Peplum Dress Green with Belt

But the best part about remaining slim is, there’re so many options elsewhere in the world, particularly Asia, where things occur the way they are supposed to.  Slim women can purchase clothes easily online and they’ll usually fit better too!  Wisteria carries a very affordable range of cuties for thin fashionistas!

Gina Petal Hem Dress with Belt Grey *Backorder*

Faylene Pleated Neckline Dress Cobalt

Renee City Girl Dress Grey *Backorder*

Jodie Denim Cropped Vest and Pencil Skirt Set Dark

So leave thin shamers to their delusion and enjoy looking great every single day! : )


Fat feminists will also have you believe that eating healthy is boring.  It’s another of their lies designed to keep you right where they want you to be – obese, unhealthy, slothful.  I’m sure women aren’t that stupid to believe that slim women only eat rabbit food like salads and veggies.


Unagi kabayaki, the most delicious Japanese eel, ever!  I love it with fragrant and fluffy Japanese rice : )  It’s a fish that my man and I eat very often too!  So here you go, another feminist lie exposed! 😀

Wishing you fun,



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