Crab soup

There’re a lot of bitterness, hatred, aggression and anger in some overweight women involved in the Health At Every Size (‘HAES’) movement.  There was an article some weeks back where normal weight folks argued with HAES followers whether or not it’s possible to be healthy at every size. #haes #bodypositive

I won’t repeat the arguments, because the same appears in the comments section of many articles about the obesity problem in some nations.  I’ll just state my POV and, also, my run-in with 1 of the angry overweight women (I refuse to call her a lady because the way she behaved is very unfeminine, unladylike and not classy at all).

You’d think that, being a size 00 – or, for male readers who have no idea what ladies’ sizes are, I stand at 5’4″ and don’t weigh more than 120 lbs at any given time – I wouldn’t agree that people can be healthy, yet still be larger.  To all those who disagree that people cannot be heavier AND healthy at the same time, here’s 1 of my favourite sportswomen.

Ms Serena Williams is a prime example of the Body Mass Index (‘BMI’) scale not being entirely accurate.  There’s no denying, however, that the BMI scale is still a good rough indicator of whether or not someone is at a healthy weight.  In Ms Williams’ case, look at all that muscle!!! *impressed whistle* #effyourbeautystandards

She’s so darned toned, she puts me to shame!

So yes, I agree that people can be healthy yet not conventionally slim.  This was what I told 1 of the HAES followers, the irate and belligerent woman.  I also encouraged HAES to adopt its motto and make health a priority.  If the public sees this, it is less likely to oppose the movement.

At no point in time was I rude to her in any way.  In fact, what I suggested makes perfect sense, since HAES stands for Health At Every Size after all.  I didn’t fat shame any of them.  Neither did I give any unsolicited advice.  It was just a suggestion that could possibly give them the acceptance they want so badly.

She told me that her health was none of my business and that nobody’s health was my business.  I didn’t bother with her after that, since my man had come home.  I just said she was very rude and it wasn’t necessary, or something to that effect.  It’s been awhile and I don’t recall my exact words.

Don’t you think what she said contradicts the very essence of HAES though? *shrug*  People really shouldn’t let their anger and hatred consume them, such that when helpful suggestions are given, they can be rational and consider them.  If not, then at least, have some basic courtesy.


Well, she can go ahead and holler at everyone to believe that HAES is really what it preaches but she isn’t likely to succeed with her attitude.  At our end, however, we do eat fresh and nutritious food on a very regular basis.  Soups are delicious and light; they can be thickened with potatoes or seasoned with a variety of sauces.  I love them!


Brown garlic in olive oil on high heat, then add green peppers, zucchini and onions.  Add stock and cook till soft.  I try to include veggies in our meals although my man doesn’t like them and grumbles a lot 😛  He still eats them if they’re soft and ‘sufficiently disguised’ with spices and sauces 😛

Veggies keep one full for much longer and, because they’re essentially water, they keep one’s system cleansed.  They also make soups taste wonderful!  I love them : )

When the veggies are soft, add crab meat.  For taste, season the dish with soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, white pepper and assam powder.  Bring the soup to the boil, turn off the heat, then stir in 1 beaten egg thoroughly.



Wishing you fun,



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