Love Bonito clothes and cashew twist!

Love Bonito has been around for some time now and has a steady following amongst local young women.  Friends raved about the online retailer since 2010, so let’s check out what pretty clothes they stock together, shall we? : )

Certainly not difficult finding something smart for the weekend!  Whilst comfort is definitely a consideration when buying clothes, dressing sloppily won’t do our image any favours.  Call me shallow, but I’d much rather look presentable and go out feeling confident, thanks very much!

An American chappie complimented my fashion sense!  He was so charming about it, I was flattered!  So ladies, do grab the opportunity to dress up and feel good about yourselves, hey? : )  Don’t get sold on the garbage feminists feed you, or you’ll end up a manly she-male 😛


My man loved this tasty snack we shared.  Melt butter at medium heat and fry the anchovies, diced dried shrimp and dried chilli padi (you can dry the chillis by sunning them).  Once the chilli padi starts to ‘skip’ in your pan, you can add the roasted cashews.  Fry for a couple more minutes, then serve hot.  I added a teensy weensy bit of mixed herbs to the mixture.


Wishing you fun,



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